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“Social learning is a fundamental shift in how people work leveraging how we have always worked, now with new, more humanizing tools, accelerating individual and collective reach, giving us the resources to create the organization, and the world, we want to live in.”

In this newly revised and updated edition of The New Social Learning, Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner dispel organizational myths and fears about social media. By sharing the success stories of socially engaged companies and people, the much-anticipated second edition persuasively makes the case for using social media to encourage knowledge transfer and real-time learning in a connected and engaging way.

As Steve LeBlanc noted, “Social learning thrives in a culture of service and wonder. It is inspired by leaders, enabled by technology, and ignited by opportunities that have only recently unfolded.” Brand-new case studies about innovative organizations such as Boston Children s Hospital, National Australian Bank, LAZ Parking, Sanofi Pasteur, Cigna, CENTURY 21, and Roche Pharmaceuticals illustrate cutting-edge social learning approaches that cultivate environments where great people can do their best work. The New Social Learning lays the foundation for improving the way you engage with colleagues, collaborate with teams anywhere in the world, and build workforce capability. Take the next step to connect skills and knowledge and move your own organization forward as you reclaim and revolutionize workplace learning.

Marcia Conner discusses the big shifts that precipitated the refresh of The New Social Learning:

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Praise for This Book
Director of Learning, Facebook
Whether you’ve just begun using social tools to help your workforce share and connect, or are far along the path to implementation, the stories, experts, and thought leaders in this book will help you understand how to maximize social collaboration within and outside your organization.
Former Director, Center for the Study of Intelligence
Co-Author, Rebels at Work
The ultimate resource for anyone who wants to thrive and help others succeed in the 21st century. Like all trips, learning journeys are best when you share them with others.
Chief Talent and Culture Officer, Wikipedia
This invaluable guide offers the practices and tools for people and organizations to tackle together their unsolved challenges in ways that are tactical and tangible. Anyone truly interested in scale—and with the grit and heart to wrestle with the complex, hairy, and unanticipated—will love this book. It’s both wide-ranging in content and rich and robust in ideas.
Author of New York Times Bestsellers, To Sell Is Human, Drive, and A Whole New Mind
When you read this book and the impressive examples of organizations all over the world that have embraced social tools for better and more meaningful collaboration, you’ll understand how social learning has begun to transform the pursuit of knowledge and how it promises even greater things in the future.
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I was dismayed to learn the accompanying website mentioned in the book (www.thenewsociallearning.com) is no longer working...
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