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Manage Virtual Teams for Maximum Results

What happens when a virtual manager needs actual day-to-day support around issues such as handling office romance and doing laundry on the job—as well as more traditional issues like onboarding, performance reviews, and scheduling? Using short chapters and writing in a fun, whimsical, and straightforward way, authors Ben Bisbee and Kathy Wisniewski address the unanswered and critical questions of how to manage virtual teams in this new resource. No more scrambling to see how to handle an unexpected situation—virtual managers can consult the authors’ advice on more than 30 topics.

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ISBN: 9781949036558
Pages: 248
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111911
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Praise for This Book
Executive Vice-President and Director
Overseeing global programs is challenging, and developing a virtual space for management and mentorship of global teams is critical. This book provides excellent guidance for directors and managers to keep their teams cohesive and improve efficiency and engagement.
Trainer, Speaker, and Author
More and more, nonprofits are allowing employees to work any place, any time or 'flex place,' as they embrace remote workers and virtual workplaces. The Unashamed Guide to Virtual Management offers highly practical advice on how to manage these workers effectively.
I travel a lot in my work, while still supporting some team members back at the office. I wish this comprehensive, thoughtful, and occasionally hilarious book had been written earlier. It would have saved me a lot of grief!
Manager of Volunteerism, Social Impact
In this age of globalization, understanding the 'how' of managing a remote workforce is a must. The Unashamed Guide to Virtual Management equips you with what you need to navigate that digital landscape with greater skill.
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