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If you are designing a training program for the first time, this practical book is for you. Part of ATD’s Training Basics series, it zeroes in on how to design successful training for the face-to-face or virtual classroom. It also serves as a guide for developing self-study training programs, such as online tutorials and workbooks.

Internationally renowned workplace learning expert and educator Saul Carliner not only delves into the analysis and evaluation phases of training design—where most books stop—but also gives prominence to core competencies like materials development, marketing, and administration.

Updated to reflect changes in training practices, this second edition helps instructional designers hone key training skills. Major additions include guidance on live virtual and online tutorials, completely new training programs, and tips for how to adjust design practice when working under stringent conditions.

In this book you will learn:

  • best practices for designing and developing training programs in the real world
  • tactics to successfully launch and run training programs you’ve designed
  • how to adjust design practices along three tiers of effort in platinum, silver, and bronze scenarios

ATD Exclusive: PDF E-Book With Fillable Exercises
The Training Design Basics e-book is available with fillable exercises. Select "PDF" from the pricing menu.

About the Training Basics Series

ATD’s Training Basics series provides a baseline explanation of the theories and concepts behind featured topics, as well as instructions for their practical day-to-day application in the workplace. Additional titles include Adult Learning Basics, Competency-Based Training Basics, Technical Training Basics, and Virtual Training Basics.

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ISBN: 9781562869250
Pages: 232
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111507

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