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Your Fix-It Guide to Training

When you need to repair an appliance on the fritz, you can consult the instruction manual. But if you’re stuck when designing or facilitating training, what resource can you turn to for solutions to your problem?

Part troubleshooting guide, part introduction to training design and delivery, Troubleshooting for Trainers delivers in-the-moment fixes and longer-term solutions for common challenges at every stage of the learning and development process. Pull it out when you’re in a predicament, flip to the related challenge listed in the table of contents, and find some immediate relief. Better yet, use it to discover tips and strategies that will help you proactively avoid the crises new trainers face.

Covering more than 40 challenges, the book offers solutions for when:

• you feel a lack of personal and professional credibility

• training isn’t well regarded

• you don’t have enough resources

• you have minimal learning design expertise

• you’re uncertain about measurement and reporting metrics

• live training surprises throw you for a loop

• you encounter challenging participants.

Perfect for the busy trainer, each chapter briefly describes a challenge for trainers, offers a series of solutions for overcoming it, and includes some resources to go deeper about the topic. Job aids and sample worksheets accompany the solutions.

“If only I knew this when I was starting out.” Experienced trainers often express this sentiment later in their careers. Why wait? The next time you’re at a training impasse, troubleshoot your way out.

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