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Cultivate the Mindset to Overcome Anything

A software engineer sees her tech skills slipping even as she rises to manage her own team. A marketing director is squeezed between a demanding, artistic boss and her staff. A tech-savvy manager of operations wants to modernize his warehouse but is surprised when he is stymied. Everyone has experienced a situation at work where challenges pile so high that the only solution seems to be to cut and run. But what if we faced our problems head on instead of quitting?

Each fictionalized case study in Work the Problem: How Experts Tackle Workplace Challenges is coupled with in-depth analysis and commentary by two experts who offer fresh ways of looking at seemingly insurmountable difficulties from perspectives such as performance improvement, organizational development, and human resources. The result is an engrossing collection of unique yet familiar stories that build on one another, creating a conversation about universal workplace problems and how we can think about solving them for ourselves. Work the Problem is about more than the specific demands of any one workplace—it’s about cultivating the mindset and skills to take on the inevitable challenges that will arise in any career. Whether you’re thinking of quitting your job, you feel stalled out at your workplace, or you’re advising someone who has hit a wall, Work the Problem is the book to reach for.

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ISBN: 9781947308572
Pages: 168
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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New York Times bestselling author of Promote Yourself and Me 2.0
Work the Problem will give you the mindset and skills you need to solve the most common workplace problems.
executive coach, speaker, and author of 19 books, including Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work
The scenarios in Work the Problem were not only realistic, but in several cases they were uncomfortably true to life for some of my own clients! I enjoyed the easy-to-read prose and the brief and impactful scenarios. I thought the expert opinions were right on. If you can’t afford McKinsey, check out this book!
Founder, Liteskip Consulting Group Author, How Did I Not See This Coming?
Case studies are how we bring theory into practice in the sometimes messy, complex world of business. In this elegantly written book, Kathryn Stafford pairs her brilliant case studies with detailed perspectives on each provided by expert consultants. It makes for fascinating reading, and provides practical examples of how to approach some of the toughest challenges in the workplace.
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I have only read the sample chapter and wow! full of deep insights! I can't wait to get a copy so I can eat it!
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