Recent Certification Webinars

A list of all certification-related webinars to date this year. Get answers to your certification questions by watching the recordings below.

Step It Up! 10 Steps to Certification in 2021

Learn the steps you need to take to earn talent development credentials: the Associate Professional in Talent Development or the Certified Professional in Talent Development.

Preparing for the New APTD Exam

Hear from a panel of successful candidates who took the revised APTD exam during the past year. They will describe their study strategies and provide other advice for APTD candidates.

Preparing for the New CPTD Exam (Panel)

The four candidates who took and passed the new CPTD exam during the last year will describe their study strategies and provide advice.

Debunking Myths About Certification

Wondering about the best way to advance your career? Considering pursuing a professional certification, but not sure what it's all about? Get some of those lingering questions answered in this webinar.

The Value of Certification

Two well-known members of the talent development community will share why they pursued certification, what benefits they have received, and how their certifications have helped their careers.

Starting and Supporting a Certification Study Group

Hear tips from CPTD and APTD credential holders who started their own study groups or supported an ATD chapter study group to help them prepare for their certification exams.

Employer Panel: Do Employers Value Certification?

Hear from a panel of credential holders about how you can convince your boss that certification provides value for you and the organization.

Getting Started on Your Certification Journey

Thinking about getting the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) or Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) credential but somewhat daunted by the process? Join us to learn how to avoid common mistakes other candidates have made.

Overcoming Obstacles to Certification

Pursuing a professional credential is a big decision. It requires time, money, and motivation to get started and stick with a study schedule. Join us for this interactive webinar to hear about creative strategies that credential holders use to manage their time, save money, and stay motivated throughout the process.