2020 ATD Certification Changes

See What Has Changed With the APTD and CPTD (formerly CPLP) Programs
With the 2020 release of ATD's Talent Development Capability Model both the APTD and CPLP exams changed. Learn more about the changes below or watch our webcast replay where we discussed the changes, what drove them, and what that means for TD professionals pursuing a certification. Have questions? Check our FAQs.

Starting April 1, the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) is now the Certified Professional in Talent Development.

Both exams will now be grounded in the new Capability Model, covering new content that reflects the broader role of a TD professional. Explore the new Capability Model and visit the sites for the new APTD and CPTD to learn more.

Both certification exams will will now have set professional development hours as part of the eligibility requirements. Download this overview of the eligibility requirements and explore the sites for the new APTD and CPTD for more information.

  • Certification-Logos-117128-ATD 416x416.png
    January 30
    Change Announcement
    Announcement of changes to ATD certification programs, including a webcast. Review changes to exam content, eligibility requirements, and more through the webcast or this blog.
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    February 14
    Launch of Certification Prep Resources part I
    Launch of the Talent Development Body of Knowledge (replacing the ATD Learning System) and the updated APTD Certification Preparation Course.
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    March 16
    Last Day to Register for Current Exams
    The deadline for registering for the last testing windows of both the current APTD and CPLP. If you feel prepared to test for either exam under the current content, mark this date on your calendar!
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    March 16
    Launch of Certification Prep Resources part II
    Launch of the CPTD On Demand Prep Course.
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    April 6
    Applications Open for New Exams
    The application portal will open for the new APTD and CPTD exams. There are 3 testing windows for each exam in the second half of 2020. See all testing dates for the new APTD and CPTD on their respective sites.
  • APTD Digital Badge
    July 6-30
    First Testing Window for the New APTD Exam
    The first testing window for the new APTD exam is July 6-30. You must register by June 6 for this testing window.
  • ATD_CertSeal_ATD-CPTP_no-ribbon.png
    Aug. 5-Sept. 30
    Pilot Testing Window for the New CPTD Exam
    The first testing window for the new CPTD exam is August 5-26. Learn about the CPTD Pilot Package for new applicants and fill out the form to stay updated on the pilot exam.
Have More Questions on the Changes?
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