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August 2020 Chapter of the Month

South Carolina Midlands

In 2017, members of the South Carolina Midlands Chapter Board voted to establish a nonprofit partnership with the Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA). MEBA's mission is to “connect students of all ages, parents, and educators to career opportunities through business partnerships, training and resources.” The South Carolina Midlands Chapter identified alignment in MEBA’s mission, and the chapter offered to provide volunteers to speak at schools through the MEBA partnership. In 2018, the chapter launched the Soft Skills Summit, a mini conference experience for high school sophomores in three under-served districts in MEBA's network. In 2019, the chapter held the second annual Soft Skills Summit, expanding the offering to include a second keynote and an additional 20 students. The experience allowed chapter members to serve the community while perfecting their talent development skills.