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February 2024 Chapter of the Month

Hawaii Chapter

Digitizing Records and Migrating to a Free Bookkeeping System
After years of using paper records and a QuickBooks subscription, the Hawaii Chapter board undertook a financial overhaul during which it digitized chapter records and transitioned from QuickBooks to Wave, a free bookkeeping software. Migrating to a cloud-based system simplified the handoff between board members, while making financial records more accessible and increasing overall transparency within the board. Additionally, moving from a paid bookkeeping program to a free alternative resulted in annual cost savings for the chapter.

February 2024 Chapter of the Month - Hawaii Chapter Board

Pictured above: Slavica Hansbrough, President; Julianne Odo, VP Finance; Sookie Kang, VP Records; Brian Madamba, VP Technology; Cristina Rose, VP Membership; Ayla Blacklaw, VP Marketing; Dayna Hasegawa, VP Volunteers; Ricardo Xavier, VP DEI