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January 2024 Chapter of the Month

Austin Chapter

Facilitating Asynchronous Learning via AI
The Austin Chapter partnered with in-kind sponsor Howspace, a digital facilitation and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to support community of practice (CoP) programs and foster engagement both during and after CoP events. The Howspace platform allows the chapter to turn CoP events into interactive sessions, including polls, visualizations, and real-time AI insights based on participant interactions. It also enables the board to upload event recordings so individuals who couldn’t attend the session can still view the recording, submit their answers to included activities, participate in discussion posts, and interact with other chapter members. As a result, the chapter has increased engagement with CoP programs and extended learning opportunities beyond the live sessions. The board has also used the platform to support its strategic planning efforts, the chapter’s annual summit, and more.

CHAP-2023: January 2024 COM - Austin Chapter Board
Front row: Marie Leung (2023 VP of Membership), Erica Morgan (2024 VP of Administration), Chelsea Delbar (2024 VP of Membership)

Back row: Scot Vessell (2024 VP of Marketing and Communications), Mike Montaño (2024 President), Matt Fulmer (2024 VP of Professional Development), Patricia Horton (2024 VP of Technology), Laurie Roth (2023 President), Theresa Malicki-Veneziale (2023 VP of Professional Development)