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March 2024 Chapter of the Month

Central Massachusetts Chapter

Improved Chapter Workflow via Free Project Management Tool
To better maintain operational continuity amid volunteer turnover, the Central Massachusetts Chapter implemented project management templates within the free project management tool Asana, aimed at streamlining workflows and standardizing key processes. By developing templates for various workstreams, such as communications, financial audits, and programming, the chapter improved operational efficiency and maintained consistency despite transitions in board membership. This initiative facilitated clearer documentation of standard operating procedures, enhanced collaboration among team members, and ultimately led to more organized and effective chapter operations.

CHAP-2024: March COM - Central Massachusetts Board Photo

(Left to Right: Ryan Rosiello, Past President; Stan Skrabut, President; Jill Kasten, VP of Volunteers; Nikki Vassallo, VP of Communications; Kara Wiersma, VP of Programming; Amol Mandalaywala, VP of Membership; Missing: Kwaku Yeboah, VP of Technology; and Ann Baus, Administrator)