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September 2023 Chapter of the Month

Buffalo Niagara Chapter

Marketing a Project-Based, Event-Planning Internship

In 2022, the Buffalo Niagara Chapter recruited a college intern to support the planning and implementation of the chapter’s hybrid conference. The intern received membership in the chapter and 120 hours of work experience throughout the semester. They worked closely with the Special Projects Chair to support speaker coordination, conference logistics, social media and web design, and post-event assessment. To recruit for the position, the chapter developed a clear outline of how to best market the opportunity, including a clear description of the role, its benefits, and the desired candidate. The chapter also used several promotion techniques to reach its target demographic, such as posting in online databases, engaging with professional associations, and reaching out to local universities. As a result, the chapter conducted a successful conference with a high attendee satisfaction rate, increased its membership, and developed promising partnerships with local colleges and universities.