Chapter Leader Community (CLC)
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Leadership Development Resources for Chapter Leaders

Being a leader is an honor that can also come with unexpected challenges. This page is dedicated to the development of leadership capabilities to support chapter leaders. Here you will find curated ATD resources and tools you or your board can use throughout the year as well as advice from chapter leaders.
Leadership Development Capabilities
Delegation helps us accomplish more in less time, avoid burnout, and encourage others to be part of our success. These resources explore how delegating tasks can help you strengthen your leadership skills as you empower others to grow in their roles.

Influence Without Authority
As a leader, you can inspire your colleagues to produce their best work, even if they don’t report to you. These resources share best practices to tap into your ability to build credibility and trust to achieve your goals.

Tough Conversations
Handling conflict and having tough conversations are necessary parts of leadership. These resources share helpful tips, tricks, and ideas that can make you more comfortable having tough conversations and prepare you for growth and success.