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Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD)

Best practices on creating and offering CPTD study groups

CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS: A Flexible Model for CPTD® Preparation

SUMMARY: Beginning in 2023, the Central Massachusetts Chapter implemented a rotating study group model for the CPTD certification, allowing participants to join at any time and receive continuous support over a 13-week cycle. This learner-centric approach aimed to promote the CPTD certification while assisting both members and nonmembers in exam preparation year-round. Study group participants have since gone on to become chapter members and successfully earn their CPTD.

YEAR: 2024

ROCKY MOUNTAIN & PIEDMONT CHAPTERS: Creating a Sustainable CPLP Virtual Study Group

SUMMARY: The Rocky Mountain and Piedmont chapters developed and executed a CPLP Study Group Model using the Teach-Back Method. Participants were extremely satisfied with the study group model, and included chapter members from four chapters across the United States.

YEAR: 2015

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