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Best practices on the maintenance of chapter documents.


SUMMARY: With the President-Elect as the designated board member responsible for CARE, the chapter dedicates time at each board meeting for a CARE update, a review of the CARE checklist, and any additional CARE items that require discussion. This practice recognizes CARE as a central part of the chapter’s business, and as a result, the chapter is on track to meet its goals.

YEAR: 2016

VALLEYS OF VIRGINIA CHAPTER: Recovery From Loss of Nonprofit Status

SUMMARY: After losing its tax-exempt status in 2010 for failure to file its taxes for three consecutive years, the chapter succeeded in reinstating this status with the IRS five years later. Through the process, the chapter learned the importance of transparency, documentation, and accurate financial reporting. With perseverance and diligence, the chapter’s 2014 and 2015 boards put the chapter back on the right track.

YEAR: 2016

FLORIDA SUNCOAST CHAPTER: Developing a Culture of Sharing our Success (SOS)

SUMMARY: The chapter has created a culture of SOS. The 2016 chapter President requested that each board member review the SOS submissions on and report back to the board on two to three SOS submissions that the chapter could implement. Both chapter leaders and chapter members have directly benefited as a result of implementing the various best practices from several SOS submissions

YEAR: 2016

EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER: Creatively Closing the Gap Between CORE and Chapter Operations

SUMMARY: To help chapter presidents and board officers understand their responsibility and develop their skills for ensuring that their chapter was CORE compliant the Eastern PA chapter developed tools for achieving chapter goals by embedding the CORE requirements into the annual plan.

YEAR: 2009

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