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Member Recognition

Best practices on how to recognize chapter members.

New York City: Recognizing Chapter Volunteers With Digital Badges

The New York City Chapter sought a more meaningful way to recognize its volunteers. Previously, the chapter handed out certificates to the volunteers at its year-end volunteer appreciation event. In 2019, the chapter distributed digital badges to volunteers in recognition of their service. Using the free platform Badgr, the board created virtual badges to include the chapter’s logo, year, and volunteer role. Volunteers can showcase the badge on social media, personal websites, LinkedIn profiles, and in their email signatures. The digital badge allows volunteers to proudly and more broadly showcase their chapter volunteer efforts.
· New York City - SOS Submission
· New York City - Digital Badge Offerings
YEAR: 2020

ST. LOUIS CHAPTER: Member Emeritus Program

SUMMARY: Beginning December 2013, the St. Louis chapter initiated the Member Emeritus category and honorary title. The membership category was created to honor long term members for their service and time with the chapter. To qualify the member must be in good standing and have maintained continuous chapter membership for a period of 10 years. Along with this honor, each Member Emeritus receives a complimentary renewal to the chapter each year as long as the member maintains an active ATD National membership.
· St. Louis - SOS Submission Form
YEAR: 2014


SUMMARY: The Greater Detroit Chapter established a monthly member profile shared online via the chapter's blog and other social media channels. The purpose of the profile is to recognize and appreciate chapter members, facilitate networking connections among our chapter members, and encourage non-members to join the chapter.
· Greater Detroit - SOS Submission Form
· Greater Detroit - Member of the Month Profile
YEAR: 2014


SUMMARY: In an effort to recognize members the chapter decided to spotlight members in its chapter newsletter. By spotlighting members, it brings awareness to the rest of the chapter about who the chapter consists of, what they do, where they word, and diversity within the chapter. This effort also increased chapter membership loyalty.
· Central Missouri - SOS Submission Form
YEAR: 2010

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