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Membership Campaign

Best practices on executing a successful membership campaign.

BAY COLONIES CHAPTER: Leveraging Partnerships to Increase Membership Value

SUMMARY: In 2022, the Bay Colonies Chapter partnered with Skillsoft/Percipio to offer free licenses to chapter members as an additional membership benefit. This partnership allowed chapter members to utilize Percipio for less than a third of its usual cost. In addition to serving as a standalone value-add, the chapter also designed virtual programming around Percipio material to showcase the value of the program and included information on the benefit as part of their marketing and onboarding processes.

YEAR: 2023

CENTRAL INDIANA CHAPTER: Chapter Value Proposition

SUMMARY: The Central Indiana Chapter was looking for a unique way to re-engage lapsed members. The board discussed, determined, and voted on the top 10 reasons for lapsed members to renew. The board created postcards of those reasons to renew with the chapter and sent them to lapsed members. In total, 190 postcards were sent, and 38 members (20 percent) renewed.

YEAR: 2021

GREATER ATLANTA CHAPTER: Multipronged Engagement Strategy to Increase Membership

SUMMARY: To address the decline in membership, chapter leadership worked diligently on a marketing and engagement strategy. Chapter leaders redesigned the chapter’s website, highlighted the chapter’s value proposition, and connected chapter leaders with members and prospects. The strategy culminated in a chapter leadership roundtable and networking event. Through the chapter’s efforts, it gained one new sponsor, three new members, and 19 membership renewals.

YEAR: 2021

CUYAHOGA VALLEY CHAPTER: Growing Our Geographic Footprint

SUMMARY: Board members of the chapter attended a session at the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC) on hosting chapter events based on the geographical footprint of ATD members in the chapter’s market. Using the ATD member list by state provided by chapter services, the board identified 20 to 30 national members in Stark County and surrounding areas who were not chapter members. The chapter reached out to the ATD national members and found there was interest in creating a geographic interest group (GIG) to hold quarterly professional development workshops. The chapter also reached out via email and LinkedIn to individuals who are ATD national-only members and offered to facilitate a meeting on the benefits of both chapter and ATD membership, power membership. Through this initiative, the chapter gained seven new power members within one month of the first meeting, increasing the chapter’s total membership by 13 percent.

YEAR: 2020

PUGET SOUND CHAPTER: State Meetup at ATD 2018’s Ice Cream Social

SUMMARY: To engage with local talent development professionals, foster networking, and increase the number of ATD members involved in the Puget Sound Chapter, the chapter leaders decided to host a state-wide meetup during the ATD International Conference & Exposition. There were no costs associated with the event, as the chapter capitalized on having the meetup during the conference’s ice cream social. Many attendees were not local chapter members, leading to a surge in new members in addition to identifying a need for a Geographic Interest Group (GIG) on the east side of the state.

YEAR: 2018

SACRAMENTO CHAPTER: Inclusion Initiative

SUMMARY: The Sacramento Chapter strived to connect veterans with talent development professionals, and provide networking opportunities to better serve the community. The veteran’s initiative includes a special pricing structure to attract individuals who specifically have a training background and can benefit from chapter membership and involvement. Another purpose of this initiative is to help new veterans who are in the process of transitioning into civilian life. The chapter has received positive feedback, high satisfaction levels, and more inquiries about membership. The chapter even had a 10-person group join the chapter through the initiative.

YEAR: 2017

CENTRAL INDIANA CHAPTER: Best Places to Work Initiative

SUMMARY: The chapter acquired the list of companies who were selected for “Best Places to Work” in the area and compiled a list of 70 contacts, one from each workplace. The chapter president drafted handwritten notes inviting the contacts to attend a monthly program for free. A special promo code for Wild Apricot was provided, which allowed the chapter to capture additional contact information. The notes were mailed out along with two business cards, a chapter business card and personal business card. The personal business card created a connection with the chapter president.

YEAR: 2017

SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER: Membership Strategy

SUMMARY: The chapter aimed to increase membership by 20 percent, an end goal of 250 active members. The chapter designed a high-touch outreach strategy to connect with new and renewing, and lapsed members. The strategy involved a combination of emails and phone calls that ensured a board member connected with the member. As a result, the number of chapter members from July 2015 to June 2016, increased from 211 to 255. The personal contact created new connections and goodwill that encouraged engagement with the chapter and increased program attendance. Finally, this campaign also promoted Power Membership, which increased to 40 percent during this term.

YEAR: 2016


SUMMARY: The chapter created a video that was shown at its talent development conference. The purpose of the video was to reinforce the chapter’s local presence, because building relationships and being part of a local network can help develop careers. The chapter received excellent feedback from the participants at the conference and several guests told the board of directors that they were emotionally moved by watching the video because they could relate to the story. Additionally, the video illustrates how being part of a nonprofit professional organization can help career growth and personal fulfillment. Overall, this video aided in the chapter’s value proposition.

YEAR: 2016

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN CHAPTER: Spring Membership Drive and Networking Event

SUMMARY:The chapter used an ATD state member list to target the 70 non-chapter members in the area. A newly designed membership brochure, including an invitation to a networking event, a free drink ticket and free appetizers was mailed to potential members. Those who attended received prizes and half priced chapter membership if they joined that night. Twenty-five people attended the event and the chapter gained five new members.

YEAR: 2015

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA CHAPTER: Public Relations and Membership Drive

SUMMARY: The Southwest Florida Chapter chose to act as a sponsor of the Human Resources Tri-County Conference with the intention of introducing attendees to their local ATD chapter and to promote membership. The chapter utilized ATD marketing materials, promoted a special membership offering, and offered prizes for giveaways. The chapter not only recruited new chapter members but increased its prospective member list and its reach in the local community.

YEAR: 2013


SUMMARY: The Chicagoland Chapter successfully implemented a 1Q membership drive that increased new members by 19 percent year over year for 1Q. The membership drive incentivized new members with the chance to win free registration to a national ATD education program. The chapter also waived their new member processing fee. The membership drive was promoted through social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) along with a direct email campaign.

YEAR: 2012

CHARLOTTE CHAPTER: Virtual Guest Pass Program

SUMMARY: The Charlotte chapter budgeted to allow each member to potentially bring one guest to any chapter program during the year. This was a marketing effort toward member recruitment.

YEAR: 2010

RESEARCH TRIANGLE CHAPTER: Munch & Mingles (No-Cost Networking)

SUMMARY: Munch & Mingles are easy to coordinate events which are free to members; the only cost is name tags. Since you don’t have to reserve a meeting space, you don’t have to be concerned about registration, venue/meal costs or other logistics. We invite members and non-members to attend this event. Many needs are addressed by these events such as the recruitment of new members.

YEAR: 2009

GREATER ATLANTA CHAPTER: Membership Renewals Telephone Drive

SUMMARY: To encourage non-members to join the Greater Atlanta chapter, in January 2009 the chapter kicked-off a membership discount program. When a non-ASTD Atlanta member attends a SIG/GIG event and pays the $20 attendance fee then they have to opportunity for the next 10 business days to join the local chapter for the discounted price of $90.
Atlanta - SOS Submission Form
YEAR: 2009

RESEARCH TRIANGLE AREA CHAPTER: Member Value, Engagement, & Development

SUMMARY: During 2006 the Research Triangle Area chapter experienced a decline in membership by 13% and decided to focus efforts on increasing value, engagement and development of members as a way to retain existing members and attract new members.

YEAR: 2009


SUMMARY: The chapter added meeting information (time, location, map, web URL) to back of chapter leadership business cards. On front of card, they added "Attend one meeting free with this card."

YEAR: 2009


SUMMARY: The New Orleans Chapter's board was committed to increasing the membership. They implemented a program where each national ASTD member that attended their monthly meeting was entered into a drawing for a 1 year membership.

YEAR: 2008

MIDLANDS CHAPTER: Admit One Guest Pass

SUMMARY: The Midlands Chapter posted a “guest pass” on their website for prospective members to attend a free meeting. After meetings, the chapter follows up with prospects that use the passes and has experienced a 38 percent conversion rate of pass users becoming members.

YEAR: 2007


SUMMARY: The Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter’s vice president of marketing divided a list of national members in the area, and board officers invited them to a free networking event. The chapter offered a reduced membership fee ($10 off the regular fee) if the person joined the chapter the evening of the networking event and a reduced fee ($10 off the regular renewal fee) to renew chapter membership.

YEAR: 2007


SUMMARY: The Puget Sound Chapter held a “Membership Madness” campaign that involved offering discounted memberships to non-members at their “Future of Training Conference” and at a chapter meeting, at which they had a “Bring a Guest” promotion.

YEAR: 2006

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