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Monthly Meetings

Best practices on planning and running monthly meetings.

CHICAGOLAND CHAPTER: Coffee & Connections: A Monthly Virtual Networking Event

SUMMARY: The Chicagoland Chapter hosts a virtual networking event on the second Monday morning of the month entitled “Coffee & Connections.” Each session is focused on a theme and includes small and large group discussions, clear takeaways, and action items to complete before the next session. At the beginning of each conversation, key takeaways from the previous meeting are revisited to create a sense of connectivity and encourage repeat attendance. This program has grown into the chapter’s most popular event, strengthened the sense of community within the chapter, increased membership numbers, and led to new sponsorship opportunities.

YEAR: 2023

ANN ARBOR CHAPTER: Professional Name Badge Printing for Low Cost and High Efficiency

SUMMARY: The Ann Arbor Chapter identified a way to print professional name badges in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The chapter purchased the Brother QL-710W printer, which has the capacity to print badges, labels, and small banners. The chapter can now print name badges on-site at events, thereby creating a professional and efficient check-in experience for attendees, and it has the ability to include a question or icebreaker on the badges, which facilitates conversation and networking.

YEAR: 2019

NEW YORK CITY CHAPTER: Monthly ATD Facilitator Webinar Series

SUMMARY: The chapter board created a virtual opportunity, the ATD Webinar Series, for those unable to attend the monthly chapter events in person. The offering provided more professional development opportunities that did not require travel and promoted Power Membership by highlighting a caliber of ATD presenters and thought leaders. These presenters volunteered their time, and most allowed the chapter to record the session. The chapter has approximately 50 participants per webinar without negatively impacting the success of its in-person events.

YEAR: 2018

BUFFALO NIAGARA CHAPTER: Monthly Member Webinars

SUMMARY: The chapter found that many members were unable to attend monthly events due to job constraints and the chapter’s redundant use of speakers, and it decided to shift to monthly, recorded webinars for standing meetings. Using webinar technology, the chapter provided a variety of speakers addressing different areas of the ATD Competency Model. Moreover, because the presentations are recorded, the chapter developed a webcast archive for members, increasing the value of membership. Through the change, the chapter gained new members and now provides a wider variety of topics and programming.

YEAR: 2018


SUMMARY: The chapter hosts an interactive program, know as a Road Show, where a local company opens its doors and hosts one of the chapter's monthly meeting events. The company shares best practices, stories about overcoming challenges, and processes used use to train its team.

YEAR: 2015

HAWKEYE CHAPTER: Facilitating Program Meetings Across Different Geographic Locations

SUMMARY: Because the chapter supports four different regional locations in Iowa spanning a distance of up to 70 miles between cities but not large enough to support a Geographic Interest Group (GIG), the chapter developed “sites” to hold simultaneous programming. Each location has a "site coordinator" appointed by the board of directors and responsible for working with the VP Programs in facilitating our monthly programs. The chapter meets the same time each month allowing the site coordinator to work with the board to find a location within their city to host the program meeting. Members from that city or surrounding area attend the meeting in their site's host location and participate virtually in the chapter event. Facilitating these events in various locations allows the chapter to deliver the in-person networking opportunities its members desire.

YEAR: 2015


SUMMARY: To support the development of the knowledge and skills that are defined in the Areas of Expertise specified in the ATD Competency Model, the chapter encouraged its members to sharpen their sword in each of these 10 areas by attending at least one event in each area.

YEAR: 2014

ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER: Past & Future Leaders' Quorum

SUMMARY: With the goal of creating a stronger community among the board, chapter members, and the greater Denver learning community, the Rocky Mountain Chapter developed the Past & Future Leaders' Quorum. Through a collaboration of past and aspiring chapter leaders and the use of brainstorming techniques, including mind-mapping and World Café, the chapter collected ideas for future efforts to build the chapter.

YEAR: 2014


SUMMARY: The chapter hosts a unique program that highlights visual note taking or graphical illustration that satisfies learners who are both inclined to learning visually, kinesthetically, as well as auditory with verbal step-by-step directions given during the program. A happy hour is provided to foster a relaxed environment allowing participants, who may be more introverted or self-conscious of their artistic ability, to relax, and lower inhibitions and have fun with learning.

YEAR: 2014

ALASKA CHAPTER: GCI eLearning Case Study

SUMMARY: To demonstrate the value of eLearning, the chapter partnered with a local organization, GCI, to present an example of how eLearning can be implemented within a company using tools that are available on the market. The program doubled the chapter's normal attendance rates and resulted in an invite to present at the Alaska SHRM State Conference.

YEAR: 2014

GREATER CHATTANOOGA CHAPTER: Wild Apricot Certificate of Attendance

SUMMARY: The chapter received requests for proof of attendance at monthly meetings for attendees to demonstrate personal/professional growth to their employers. The chapter modified a Wild Apricot template to look like a certificate, which is emailed to all meeting attendees automatically after each event.

YEAR: 2013

SACRAMENTO CHAPTER: Trainer Throw-down

SUMMARY: To re-energize programming, the chapter devised an annual holiday event known as the "Trainer Throw-down." Six trainers were given 12 minutes to present their best material, and one winner was ultimately awarded the title of "Trainer Throw-down Champ."

YEAR: 2013

NEBRASKA CHAPTER: Providing HRCI Credits at Monthly Programs

SUMMARY: To provide certification credit for members and nonmembers and to attract attendance, the chapter began offering HR Certification Institute (HRCI) credit at monthly meetings.

YEAR: 2013


SUMMARY: The chapter partnered with the local chapter of ISPI to put on a training event that would benefit both participating groups. The chapters pooled together their resources to host the event, which led to an increase in membership for both chapters and created the beginnings of a strong partnership.

YEAR: 2013

HAWKEYE CHAPTER: Non-Profit Training (NPT) Day

SUMMARY: The chapter developed a day where non-profit professionals could come attend chapter events for free that were specifically tailored to individuals who work or volunteer for a non-profit organization.

YEAR: 2012

CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER: Professional Development Marketing Ad

SUMMARY: The chapter developed a marketing campaign to advertise the importance of attending programs.

YEAR: 2012

CASCADIA CHAPTER: Learning Event Punch Card

SUMMARY: The Cascadia Chapter developed a rewards program for chapter member who attend their monthly events. After your fifth punch, you get the next event free.

YEAR: 2012


SUMMARY: The Career Club meets on the second Saturday of each month to address topics such as finding federal service jobs, building a resume, helping the interviewer discover your qualifications, and the art of networking. The sessions cover a wide variety of topics to ensure the chapter is meeting the needs of new workplace learning professionals as well as individuals looking for the next opportunity.

YEAR: 2012

GREATER CHATTANOOGA CHAPTER: "If I Were President of ASTD, I would..."

SUMMARY: During a monthly meeting, all participants were asked to take out their business card, turn it over, and write, "If I were President of ASTD, I would...” They were asked to consider and enhancement, improvement, program, etc. they wanted the chapter to consider. At the end of the meeting, the business cards were collected and responses posted to the chapter website.

YEAR: 2010


SUMMARY: This SOS describes what to do when your speaker cancels, addressing managing attendee expectations, assisting the speaker, providing g sufficient content, and paving the path to the next local ASTD event.

YEAR: 2010

ALASKA CHAPTER: When a Speaker Cancels

SUMMARY: This SOS describes what to do when your speaker cancels, addressing managing attendee expectations, assisting the speaker, providing g sufficient content, and paving the path to the next local ASTD event.

YEAR: 2008

EMERALD COAST CHAPTER: Attracting Speakers

SUMMARY: To attract high quality speakers on a limited budget, the Emerald Coast Chapter asked local resorts to contribute a night's stay to the speaker.

YEAR: 2007

HAWKEYE CHAPTER: Chapter Meeting Evaluation

SUMMARY: The Iowa Hawkeye chapter created an evaluation that is used at the conclusion of every quarterly chapter meeting to receive feedback from the chapter’s members about the presenter, topic, and overall meeting itself. The feedback helps determine future meeting topics.

YEAR: 2004

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