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Succession Planning

Best practices on identifying and developing new chapter leaders.

NEBRASKA CHAPTER: Setting Your Chapter Up for Success Through Timely Succession Planning

SUMMARY: The chapter recognized that effective and timely succession planning strongly supported its continued success. To further support the succession planning process, the chapter shifted its timeline for identifying, nominating, and voting for open board positions from the third quarter of the year to the second. This change strengthened knowledge management practices, empowered incoming board members to set goals for their terms, made it possible for more chapter leaders to attend ALC, and generally improved onboarding and leaders’ understanding of board acumen.
· Nebraska - SOS Submission Form
· Nebraska - 2018 Executive Board Interview Process and Questions
· Nebraska - 2018 Succession Planning Form
YEAR: 2019

CENTRAL OHIO CHAPTER: Overhauling the VP of Finance Role for Financial Literacy

SUMMARY: By adopting targeted recruiting strategies for the VP of Finance position, the chapter identified a qualified candidate with dual backgrounds in finance and talent development. The new VP has improved the chapter’s financial reporting procedures to better align with standard accounting processes, which has both increased the board’s awareness of the chapter’s financial position and improved its ability to make decisions. Strengthening the chapter’s financial reporting processes supports the chapter’s financial stability and longevity while improving its ability to achieve strategic goals.
· Central Ohio - SOS Submission Form
YEAR: 2019

LOS ANGELES CHAPTER: Succession Planning Program

SUMMARY: The chapter developed a process to fill the role of manager for different committees working under a chapter officer with executive voting powers. All chapter volunteers were interviewed by a minimum of two chapter officers, including the president. Interviews were conducted by phone to assess skills and motivational fit. Selected candidates were then invited to the in-person board meeting to meet the rest of the board. For succession planning purposes, a manager can be promoted to director and a director to a vice president as the volunteer serves more terms on the board. This incentive educates and trains newer volunteers in a progressive manner, and recognizes those that continue their service on the board. The program has resulted in a targeted selection of volunteers that are ready to take on the responsibilities of their roles and better prepared to be successors.
· Los Angeles - SOS Submission Form
YEAR: 2016

ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER: Finding a VP Finance/Treasurer

SUMMARY: The chapter found it challenging to fill the role of VP Finance/Treasurer among its membership. As a result, the chapter contacted the local association of CPAs to find an experienced finance professional, who had experience supporting adult learning organizations, to sign on to the position. The chapter found that having a board member with deep financial knowledge and experience has enabled it to create better financial reporting allowing the chapter to not only maintain but build upon its stable financial foundation.
· Rocky Mountain - SOS Submission Form
YEAR: 2014


SUMMARY: The chapter board invited all current and future board members to a board appreciation dinner. The group began with a 45 minute dinner where they discussed current goal. Following dinner they participated in different team building activities to focus on open communication and proper hand off of responsibilities.
· Fort Lauderdale - SOS Submission Form
· Fort Lauderdale - Supplemental Information
YEAR: 2010

MIDDLE TENNESSEE CHAPTER: Board Succession Planning

SUMMARY: The chapter created a succession planning process to ensure a full slate of officers to facilitate chapter leadership. A nominating committee was formed to actively find prospects and recruit new leaders to the board. As a result, a successful election was held in November 2009 and recognition was given to the new officers at the December chapter meeting.
· Middle TN - SOS Submission Form
· Middle TN - Open Position Sample Email
· Middle TN - Interview Questions
· Middle TN - Candidate Tracking Sheet
YEAR: 2010

BATON ROUGE CHAPTER: Leadership Succession Planning

SUMMARY: Over the past few years, the Baton Rouge chapter leaders have focused a great deal of attention on volunteer engagement which in turn grew the leadership pipeline. The Leadership Succession Planning Guide was created to assist chapter leadership with knowledge and commitment transfer.
· Baton Rouge - SOS Submission Form
· Baton Rouge - Leadership Succession Planning Guide
YEAR: 2009

PUGET SOUND CHAPTER: New Board Succession Management Process

SUMMARY: For several years interest in Board positions has not been strong enough to allow us to present a competitive slate of candidates to our members for a full-chapter vote. Targeted recruitment of our successors by Board members produced inconsistent results. This allowed us to create a new process we hoped would identify, recruit and fit potential candidates to open Board positions to more successfully meet chapter needs and individual skills and preferences.
· Puget Sound - SOS Submission Form
· Puget Sound - Succession Discussion Matrix
· Puget Sound - Board Application
· Puget Sound - Board Deskbook
· Puget Sound - Outline for Board
YEAR: 2009

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