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Chapter Volunteer and Board Position Descriptions

Best practices on creating, maintaining, and sharing volunteer and executive board position descriptions.

GREATER LAS VEGAS CHAPTER: Roles and Responsibilities Connected to CARE

SUMMARY: In an effort to organize the chapter and run it like a business, the Greater Las Vegas Chapter identified its CARE responsibilities and broke them out by board member role. At the beginning of 2017, the board reviewed the CARE and joint membership requirements and came up with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks for each board member role. The chapter developed a roles and responsibilities document for each chapter leader position to monitor, measure, and analyze monthly to ensure CARE achievement. To create the process, the chapter reviewed job descriptions on the Chapter Leader Community, customized them for the chapter, added foundational and additional joint membership activities, and highlighted the CARE items in orange so they stand out on the document and can be reviewed at each monthly board meeting. In terms of outcomes, the chapter achieved 100 percent CARE, received Super Star recognition for having a joint membership rate greater than 50 percent, and was awarded a Power Membership Award, second place in the small chapter category, for its joint membership rate of 68 percent in 2017.

YEAR: 2018

NEBRASKA CHAPTER: Creating a Director of Partnerships

SUMMARY: The Nebraska Chapter created the director of partnerships role to focus on developing targeted partnerships and maintaining relationships with sponsors. The position is nestled into the marketing communications area and serves to develop relationships and bring in new partnerships for the chapter and events. The chapter’s 2018 conference was the first large-scale event for which the chapter garnered partnerships, and it profited over $18,000, allowing the chapter to keep the cost down for attendees.

YEAR: 2018

BAY COLONIES CHAPTER: VP Strategy Role for Past President

SUMMARY: The chapter identified a need to leverage the ATD experience in the chapter. A chapter leadership role was created to focus on onboarding and coaching new board members, identifying network and liaison opportunities with ATD, planning and facilitating the annual strategic planning effort, supporting the annual CARE submission, and ensuring that the mission, vision and values are upheld. The position is perfectly suited for a former past president, who is interested in continuing in a leadership role with the chapter.

YEAR: 2016

SACRAMENTO CHAPTER: Creation of Volunteer Coordinator Position

SUMMARY: The chapter board asked one of its repeat volunteers to serve as volunteer coordinator. As the volunteer coordinator, the person is responsible for keeping a running list of volunteers, recruiting and organizing new volunteers, and sending thank you emails. The board created the new position and started introducing her at the monthly meetings. Since she has been in the position, she has become the face of the volunteer program and has added a personal touch that has gone a long way with the members. The position worked out so well that the person is now transitioning to a voting member of the board as the Director of Programs. Because of this effort, there has been an increase in volunteers, a steady rotation of volunteers, and an organized process in place. The membership is more engaged, and the chapter has gained more publicity.

YEAR: 2017


SUMMARY: The chapter didn’t have a point person or someone that was in charge of their website and social media presence. Various board members were constantly updating the website which caused much confusion. To deal with this, the chapter created a new board position titled “VP of Technology.” The position serves a marketing role to recruit new members and to encourage current members to be more involved.

YEAR: 2010

CENTRAL IOWA CHAPTER: VP of Strategic Partnerships

SUMMARY: The chapter needed to significantly improve their marketing efforts both internally and externally. They also needed to find ways to increase their income stream and to raise brand visibility. These needs grew because no existing board position was identified as being accountable to address them. This gave them the need to create the VP of Strategic Partnerships board position.

YEAR: 2009


SUMMARY: By establishing a position on our Board of Directors we increased awareness of all components to effectively operate the Chapter. We discuss how we are meeting the standards and share that information at monthly meetings, raising awareness of the professional association.

YEAR: 2009

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