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Board Development

Learn how your chapter can succeed, inspire, and grow through strong chapter administration and leadership. Access essential chapter and board development tools to take your chapter to the next level.
Chapter Leader Position Description Samples
Select a leadership position below to view a sample position description as well as links to resources and toolkits that will help you in your leadership role.
2022 Chapter Leader Onboarding and Orientation Webinar

Additional Board Development Resources

Business Acumen Development This skill assessment is an opportunity for your chapter board to individually assess and get feedback on the specific abilities, knowledge, and behaviors that exemplify business acumen. In addition to being an assessment, this provides a positive model of what your chapter should look for in a potential chapter leaders.
Chapter Finance Toolkit Designed as a resource for a chapter finance officer, provides important information and advice on typical CFO responsibilities.
990 Filing Information The guide provides information on filing a 990 or 990-N for the chapter.
Chapter Leader Onboarding Checklist  Review the Chapter Leader Onboarding Checklist to learn about the resources that will support your success as a new chapter leader.
Chapter Risk Assessment Guide Designed to be used by chapter board members to evaluate risk and determine strategies for mitigation.
Chapter Success Series Resources Curated resources to help support foundational chapter function.
Convince Your Boss Customize this letter to help your boss understand how supporting your involvement with your local chapter can build your skills as a talent development professional and reap benefits for your organization. Use this letter to help your boss understand how attending ALC will support your professional development and improve your job performance.
Group Tax Exemption Information Information on the benefits of participating in ATD Group Tax Exemption as well as how to apply for inclusion. 
Incorporation Information Incorporation helps to protect board members from liability arising from acts of the organization or its officers, board, or staff. This document provides an over of the benefits and disadvantages of incorporation as well as information on applying for nonprofit incorporation.
Member Experience Journey Visualize membership as a cycle and use this tool to engage members regardless of where they are on their journey.
Model Bylaws The purpose of Model Bylaws for ATD Chapters is to provide a tool for Chapters to assess and, when necessary, modify their bylaws to facilitate effective Chapter management. Word version and PDF version
Onboarding Email Series The emails included in this toolkit are designed to support the chapter president’s efforts to effectively onboard new leaders during the 60 days before and after the start of their terms. Each email highlights ATD resources related to their respective role and includes highlighted sections that allow for customization. Take note of comments and sections highlighted in yellow to provide further information about contacts, resources, and processes related to your chapter.
Onboarding Road Maps Review the onboarding road map for your position to review the ATD resources that are available to support your efforts. Road maps are available for the following positions: President, President Elect, Past President, Finance-Treasurer, VP Administration, VP Marketing-Communications, VP Membership, VP Programs, VP Technology, Director of Social Media, Director of Student Relations, and Director of Talent Management-Volunteers.
Succession Planning Toolkit The Succession Planning Toolkit has been created to help your chapter evaluate its future leadership and talent needs, identify individuals who can potentially satisfy those needs, and prepare an individual for her eventual role as a leader. This toolkit will help your chapter to develop the bench strength needed to assure that there are qualified people to pick up the ball when a board member leaves.
Chap-ROI of Volunteer Leadership Infographic 101217.pdf
ROI of Volunteer Leadership Infographic
Use this infographic to promote the benefits of volunteer leadership based of Dr.Maureen Orey's research.