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CARE: Chapter Affiliation Requirements

Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) are a set of performance guidelines designed to help chapters deliver consistent benefits to members. CARE consists of elements in five key areas that are necessary for running a chapter like a business: administration, communication, financial, membership, and professional development .

Early Submission Deadline: January 17, 2020*
*Early submission will enter the chapter in to a drawing to win a free ALC registration.

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2020

Learn more about the CARE review happening this year from Chris Coladonato, CPLP, Chair of the National Advisor for Chapters (NAC).

CARE Resources
2019 CARE Planning Workbook
Created to help leaders gather and document CARE-related information for the CARE survey. The workbook mirrors the online CARE survey. It is recommended that chapters complete this workbook prior to completing the online CARE submission.
2019 CARE Submission Summary (Chapters reporting on the 2018 calendar year)
Benchmark your chapter with others. The summary includes results and demographic information based on responses provided by ATD chapters on their 2018 activities.
2019 CARE Planning Tool
Allows chapter leaders to keep track of the completion status for each of the CARE elements and the joint membership activities. Review the CARE Planner Job Aid to learn how to implement this tool in your board meetings.
CARE Element Matrix
Lists all CARE elements, their purpose, and how chapters can accomplish them. Also includes resources available to assist with each element.
CARE Element Quick List
A handy reference guide listing all CARE components and elements.
Joint Membership Activities Job Aid
Lists joint membership activities and resources available to help chapters accomplish at least 10.
Risk Assessment Guide
Use this guide to conduct a risk assessment for your chapter and achieve CARE element 1.8.
CARE Informational and Planning Webcast
Members of the National Advisors for Chapters share more about the process, chapter best practices, and the secrets to meeting the most commonly missed elements.
Annual Report Template
Use this template to produce an annual report for your chapter and achieve CARE element 5.3.
Addendum Document Resources
2019 CARE Membership Roster
A chapter's membership roster should be in Excel format, and list the chapter's active members as of December 31, 2019.
2020 CARE Board Membership Roster
Template in Excel format that chapter leaders should use to submit their board roster with the CARE submission. (Updates should be sent to the chapter relations manager when changes occur.)
2020 Chapter Operating Plan
The chapter operating plan provides a framework for doing business effectively and managing resources efficiently. Leverage the Operating Plan Template to create a plan for your chapter.

Recommendations on how to accomplish:
• Identify the objectives, tasks, and timelines associated with each annual goal and major strategy area based on member needs.
• Annually review and update, if necessary, your operating plan to ensure it aligns with the chapter’s mission and vision.
• Use the operating plan to identify how the chapter will address CARE elements throughout the year.

Review examples from other chapters:
Chicagoland’s Operating Plan
Florida Suncoast’s Operating Plan
San Diego’s Operating Plan
Most Recent Yearly Balance Sheet and Income Statement
Preparing and managing a chapter operating budget helps leaders plan for and deliver products and services that meet member needs without exceeding the chapter’s financial resources. Utilize the balance sheet template and income statement template to compile information about the chapter's financial position.

Recommendations on How to Prepare a Budget:
• Develop a budget:
1. Assess the chapter's current financial position.
2. Review the chapter's goals and existing programs and services based on members’ needs.
3. Estimate revenue for the coming year.
4. Estimate expenses for the coming year.
5. Prepare budget worksheets for each program and administrative area.
6. Compile program and administrative budgets into an overall annual chapter budget. Use the budget template if your chapter does not have an existing budget.
7. Have board approve final budget.

• Publish final budget in chapter newsletter or member mailing or make them electronically available to members.

• Review the budget at midyear (recommended) and make adjustments as necessary. Establish a reserve account for unexpected expenses.

Review examples from other chapters:
Baton Rouge Chapter's Budget Spreadsheet
• Central Iowa Chapter’s Budgeting Planning Spreadsheet and Financials
• Nebraska Chapter’s Transparent Budget Reports: Budget Template and Expenses Reporting
Sample Budget Planning Worksheet
Sample Association Financial Statement
CARE Results
The CARE membership goal helps establish that members of ATD and its chapters are part of the same organization with shared valuable resources and a shared compelling mission that effectively meets members’ professional development needs.