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2019 CARE Results

The CARE membership goal helps establish that members of ATD and its chapters are part of the same organization with shared valuable resources and a shared compelling mission that effectively meets members’ professional development needs. ATD would like to give recognition to those chapters that were CARE achieved in addition to those that went above and beyond the 35 percent requirement, our membership star and superstar chapters.
  • 2019 Membership Super Star
    The following chapters were 100 percent CARE achieved in 2018 and Chapter Membership Super Stars: over 50 percent joint membership:
    Ann Arbor Chicagoland Houston Northeast Wisconsin Southeastern Virginia
    Austin Cuyahoga Valley Kansas City Northern New Jersey Southwest Florida
    Bay Colonies Detroit Lake Superior Pittsburgh St. Louis
    Big Sky Eastern Pennsylvania Lincoln Puerto Rico Tulsa
    Birmingham Greater Cleveland Madison Rocky Mountain Utah
    Central Indiana Greater Las Vegas Metro DC San Antonio Valley of the Sun
    Central Massachusetts Greater Philadelphia Mid New Jersey SF East Bay
    Central New York Greater Richmond Mississippi South Florida
  • 2019 Membership Star
    The following chapters were 100 percent CARE achieved in 2018 and Chapter Membership Stars: 45-50 percent joint membership:
    Buffalo Niagara Central Pennsylvania Los Angeles New Mexico Treasure Valley
    Central Iowa Charlotte Area Memphis Northeast Florida
    Central Ohio Kentuckiana Nebraska Pikes Peak
  • 2019 CARE logo
    The following chapters achieved 100 percent CARE in 2018: they met the 35 percent joint membership requirement:
    Baton Rouge Dallas Hawaii New York City Rochester
    Capitol Region Florida Suncoast Hawkeye North Alabama San Diego
    Cascadia Fort Worth/Mid-Cities Maine North Dakota Smoky Mountain
    Central Florida Greater Atlanta Maryland Orange County South Carolina Midlands
    Central Oklahoma Greater Boston Nashville Puget Sound Southern Connecticut
    Chattanooga Area Greater Cincinnati
2019 CARE Submission Summary
Benchmark your chapter with others. The summary includes results and demographic information based on responses provided by ATD chapters on their 2018 activities.