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Chapter Excellence Awards

The Chapter Excellence Awards (CEA) recognizes chapters that achieved excellence in three key areas of chapter development.

Applications for the 2021 (focuses on the previous year's achievements) Chapter Excellence Awards are now closed.

Winning chapters will be notified in March.

ATD awards a $1,000 cash prize to one small, medium, and large chapter in each key area for a total of nine possible awards. Chapters may be eligible to win up to $3,000! Winners are annually recognized during Chapter Leader Day at the ATD International Conference and Exposition.


  • Excellence in Strategic Partnership
  • Excellence in Advancing the Profession Through ATD Certification (APTD/CPTD)
  • Excellence in Net Joint Membership Growth

No more than one small, medium, and large chapter from each of the following categories are selected. Chapter sizes are defined as: small, less than 100 members; medium, 100-299 members; and large, 300+ members.

Eligibility: Chapters are eligible to win consecutively in the strategic partnerships and advancing the profession categories as long as they submit applications for a different program/project than the previous year. Chapters are eligible to win only every two years in the net joint membership category. For example, if a chapter won in 2019, its next year of eligibility is 2021.

Minimum Criteria:

  • 100% CARE achievement (chapter must achieve 100% by CARE deadline of January 31, 2021)
  • Efforts focused on the past year (application must focus on activities executed in 2020)
  • Measurable results with specific examples
  • Initiative supports ATD's and the chapter's mission/vision
  • Demonstrates how the chapter advanced the ATD brand

Craft Your Application(s):

Certification Resources

Strategic Partnership Resources

View Examples of Past CEA Winners

"The ATD Central New York Chapter is proud to have been nationally recognized by ATD with Chapter Excellence Awards for various CNY ATD programs and activities. Along with the nice financial benefit, these awards have increased the awareness and credibility of CNY ATD with our members, the talent development community, and our local community. We proudly announce our recognitions whenever we have the opportunity." —Former CEA Winner

Chapter Excellence Awards Overview

Learn more about the CEA's and how to apply through this 15 minute pre-recorded webinar!

Congratulations to the 2020 Winning Chapters!
ATD wants to reward and recognize your chapter for excellence in the following areas:
Chapters that made a significant impact on local businesses and communities.

Chapter leaders must submit an application for the Excellence in...
Chapters that significantly fostered talent development in their community and for professionalizing the industry through promoting the Associate Professional...
Chapters that demonstrated the highest overall growth rate of joint chapter and ATD members.

*No application is required to be considered for...
Chapter Excellence Awards FAQ
How can my chapter apply for the Excellence in Joint Membership growth award?
No application is required to be considered for this award. Only 100 percent CARE achieved chapters that submit a complete member roster through CARE by January 31, 2018, using the CARE roster template will be considered for the award.
My chapter uses Wild Apricot, do we need to submit our roster to be considered for the CEA?
No, chapters participating in the Wild Apricot (WA) partnership program do not have to upload their current chapter membership roster as part of the CARE submission process or to be considered for the CEA. Chapter services can pull that for you if you have provided Natasha Porter with “Full Rights” access to your account (required for all chapters participating in the WA discount partnership program). If Natasha does not have rights to pull rosters from your WA account, your chapter must submit a roster with CARE to be considered for this award.
How is the joint membership calculation conducted to determine Excellence in Joint Membership winners?
Through a match key comparison, ATD will determine net growth of joint members from 2016 to 2017 using the chapter member rosters submitted through CARE. The chapter in each size category (small, medium, large) with the greatest net growth will be awarded the Excellence in Joint Membership Growth. Chapters that won in this category the previous year are not eligible for the current year's award.
What happens if there is a tie for greatest net growth?
In the case of a tie, the chapter with the greatest percentage growth will be selected. Should a tie still occur, the chapter with the most consecutive Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) achieved years will be declared the winner.
Past Chapter Excellence Award Recipients
  • Greater Richmond, Central New York
  • Central Iowa
  • Hawkeye, Central New York, Dallas
  • New Mexico, Central New York, Greater Atlanta
  • Pikes Peak, Central New York
  • New Mexico, Niagara Frontier, Greater Atlanta
  • Hawkeye, Central New York, Greater Atlanta
  • Hawaii, Middle Tennessee, Greater Atlanta
  • San Antonio, Central New York
  • Greater Atlanta, Heart of Illinois, Puget Sound
  • Rocky Mountain
  • South Florida
  • Metro DC, Rocky Mountain, Piedmont
  • South Florida, Greater Atlanta
  • Hawkeye, Central New York
  • Orange County, Metro DC
  • Southwest Florida, Puget Sound, Greater Atlanta
  • Greater Richmond, Austin, Houston
  • Bay Colonies, Central Indiana, Dallas
  • Greater Philadelphia, South Carolina Midlands
  • Bay Colonies, Los Angeles, Metro DC
  • Mississippi Valley, Kentuckiana, Puget Sound
  • Emerald Coast, Eastern Pennsylvania, Greater Atlanta
  • Hawkeye, Central New York, Greater Atlanta
  • Hawaii, Middle Tennessee, Greater Atlanta
  • San Antonio, Central New York
  • Greater Atlanta, Heart of Illinois, Puget Sound