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Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP)

ChIP is a program that offers chapters an opportunity to earn additional revenue.
Through ChIP chapters can earn thousands of dollars from business they generate for ATD programs and services.
Each chapter is assigned a ChIP code. Every person that uses the ChIP code when making a purchase on the ATD website will be contributing to your chapter's financial health, further enabling you to accomplish your chapter's mission.

ATD has created the ChIP Tips toolkit to help you maximize the benefits of ChIP within your chapter. The ChIP Tips toolkit includes templates and examples, including newsletter recommendations, chapter meeting announcements, FAQs, and website samples to help you develop your own chapter materials. Also included are other ATD chapters’ examples of ideas to promote.

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Request Customized Marketing Materials
Chapters can request customized marketing materials to earn money for your chapter and connect your members with ATD events in your area.

Another way to earn ChIP revenue: Job Bank
Chapters can earn ChIP commissions on ATD Job Bank postings and resumé searches from local employers they refer. Employers referred by chapters receive a 15 percent discount off the rates, and chapters earn 10 percent commission on the full price. Begin promoting this to local employers in your area today!

Earning ChIP revenue for TD Body of Knowledge (TDBoK)
Chapters receive 10 percent ChIP revenue for each digital TDBoK sold through the ATD Store when purchasers enter the chapter code. The TDBoK is the first-ever comprehensive collection of concepts, definitions, methodologies, and examples covering the 23 capability areas identified in the Talent Development Capability Model, which is the foundation for ATD CI’s certification programs, the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD), and the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD). The TDBoK can serve as an important resource for exam preparation.

ATD Product
Revenue Share
New Membership*
Membership Renewal
International Conference and Expo Registration
10% (maximum of $80)
TechKnowledge Conference Registration
10% (maximum of $80)
ATD Small Conferences (Core 4, OrgDev, SELL, etc.)
ATD Virtual Conference 5%
ATD Certificate Programs (with the exception of the Training Design and Delivery Certificate)
 ATD Training Design and Delivery Certificate** 5%
ATD Master Series ** 5%
ATD Books and Publications ***
Talent Development Body of Knowledge (TDBoK) (Digital Only) 10%
ATD Job Bank employer listing
10% (maximum of $50)
ATD Chapter Leader Conference (ALC) Bookstore

* ChIP revenue only applies to memberships $249 and above. Promotional rates and discounted rates such as board memberships, group, student, and senior memberships are not eligible for ChIP revenue as well.

** Chapters receive a 5% commission on the ATD Training Design and Delivery Certificate, ATD Master Trainer, ATD Master Instructional Designer, ATD Master Performance Consultant registrations, and ATD Expert Coach Program.

*** Publications can be ATD Press books and TD at Work only, ordered through the online store, through ATD Customer Care, or at ALC. ChIP revenue is not offered at the ATD International Conference and Exposition store or the TechKnowledge Conference store.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find my chapter's ChIP code?
Look your chapter up on the Chapter Locator. Chapter ChIP codes look like this: CH1234.
Are chapters required to participate in ChIP?
No. Like many ATD resources for chapters, this program was created based on feedback from chapter leaders. Individual chapters decide their level of participation in this program.
How will this be tracked?
ATD uses an association management software package to report revenue earned for each ChIP code. ATD runs quarterly reports that show revenue associated with each chapter code. A percentage of that revenue will be calculated based on the revenue share amount for specific products. The revenue amount earned will then be directly deposited in chapter accounts. For privacy reasons, chapters will not be sent purchase records of individual members.
How can I use my chapter’s ChIP code to make a purchase on ATD online?
Begin by selecting the items you want to purchase and placing them in your shopping cart. Once you are ready to check out, select your chapter’s ChIP code where it says “Chapter Partner Code” on the shopping cart screen.
How is the revenue share sent to chapters?
ATD directly deposits the quarterly revenue in chapter accounts. Revenue earned from the ATD International Conference & Exposition registrations will be paid the quarter following the conference.
If someone forgets to use our chapter’s ChIP code when registering for a conference or making a purchase, can our chapter still earn ChIP credit?
Unfortunately, this program is unable to apply retroactive revenue credit. However, if someone tried to use your chapter’s ChIP code on the online store and was unable to for some reason, please contact your chapter relations manager for assistance.
Do people have to be an ATD or chapter members to use our chapter’s ChIP code?
No. Anyone, members and nonmembers, can use your chapter’s ChIP code.
If a person uses our chapter’s ChIP code to register for an ATD conference or buy something, will they get a discount?
Using the chapter ChIP code will trigger a $30 discount on membership and automatically adjust the shopping cart rate to $229 or $369. No other discounts are enabled via ChIP code use. The ChIP code instead generates revenue for the chapter.
Can chapter leaders get a list of people who purchase an item with the chapter ChIP code?
No. ATD does not release customer purchase information for confidentiality reasons.
What benefits do individuals receive by using the chapter ChIP code?
Individuals benefit with a $30 discount on ATD membership when using the ChIP code on the ATD website. In addition, they benefit by helping their chapter be more successful. Chapters are an important part of ATD and the profession as a whole. Chapters are nonprofit organizations that strengthen their communities, help people build skills, find jobs, and much more.
Why do some brochures with promotions from ATD come with a ChIP already printed on it? Can my chapter members cross that out and write our chapter’s ChIP code?
Yes. Chapters may manually add their ChIP code onto any ATD marketing materials they are distributing to chapter members (for example, adding a sticker onto the publications catalog). ATD has a variety of ads and promotions with a variety of ChIP codes. Chapter ChIP codes are one of many that help ATD understand now marketing programs are working. The purpose of the chapter ChIP codes are to give chapters credit for promotion that chapters do to their members and prospects.
What if a member uses the ChIP to join ATD at a discounted rate?
ChIP revenue only applies to memberships $229 and above. Discounted board memberships, student, and senior memberships are not eligible for ChIP revenue.
Are ChIP revenue taxable?
ChIP revenue is not taxable (federal or state). Chapters with more than $25K in gross receipts that are completing Form 990EZ should indicate the ChIP revenue amount in Line 8 as “other revenue” with a brief description, such as “revenue from national ATD.” Chapters with less than $25k in gross receipts that are completing Form 990N do not need to report the ChIP revenue.