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The mission of the NAC is to serve as advisors, advocates, and mentors in partnership with ATD staff on matters of chapter management and operations to ensure high-quality service to members. NAC members are charged with providing strategic direction and leadership in the development and support of ATD chapters and members.

Elected NAC members serve three-year terms, while the chair of the Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC) serves a one-year terms on the NAC. The chair of the NAC also serves on the ATD Board of Directors.

How the NAC can work with your chapter:

  • Link chapters with common needs

  • Identify and share best practices

  • Assist chapters with facilitating board retreats

  • Connect chapter leaders with ATD resources

  • Advise and coach chapters about ATD initiatives

  • Identify and examine future roles for chapters

  • Provide guidance about items related to the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE)

  • Bring issues of interest to chapters to the attention of the ATD Board of Directors

  • Advise ATD staff about issues of importance to chapters

  • Ensure that the needs of chapters are recognized by ATD

If you are interested in serving on the NAC, Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC) or ALC Program Advisory Committee review the committees-at-a-glance document.

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