Chapter Leader Community (CLC)
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National Advisors for Chapters (NAC)

The NAC are distinguished ATD chapter past presidents who serve as national volunteer advisors to the chapter services team and chapter leaders.

The mission of the NAC is to serve as advisors, advocates, and mentors within ATD on matters of chapter management and operations to ensure high quality service to members. The chair of the NAC also serves on the ATD Board of Directors.

Elected NAC members serve three-year terms. The chairs of the Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC) and the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC) serve one-year terms on the NAC during their tenure as committee chairs.

NAC members are charged with providing strategic direction and leadership in the development and support of ATD chapters and members.

How the NAC can work with your chapter:

  • Link chapters with common needs
  • Provide guidance about items related to the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE)
  • Assist chapters with facilitating their annual board retreat
  • Poll chapter leaders through area calls
  • Help leaders find resources from ATD
  • Advise and coach chapters about ATD initiatives
  • Identify and share best practices
  • Advise ATD staff about issues of importance to chapters
  • Identify and examine future roles for chapters
  • Bring issues of interest to chapters to the attention of the ATD Board of Directors
  • Ensure that the needs of chapters are recognized by ATD

Looking for more information about serving on the NAC or one of ATD's other chapter-related committees? Check out our committees-at-a-glance document.

2020 National Advisors For Chapters
  • Chris Coladonato
    Chris Coladonato, CPTD - NAC Chair
    (O) 410.306.5644 | [email protected]
    Abingdon, MD
    Home Chapter: Maryland
    Tenure: 2019-2020
  • Michelle Baker
    Michelle Baker
    (H) 317.701.5794 | [email protected]
    Indianapolis, IN
    Home Chapter: Central Indiana
    Tenure: 2019-2021
    Chapters: Central Florida, Florida Suncoast, Northeast Florida, Puerto Rico, South Florida, Southwest Florida, Greater Atlanta
  • Elizabeth Beckham
    Elizabeth Beckham
    (H) 225.241.7213 | [email protected]
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Home Chapter: Baton Rouge
    Tenure: 2020-2022
    Chapters: Arkansas, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Mississippi, New Orleans, North Alabama, North Louisiana, Northwest Arkansas
  • Krishna Clay
    Krishna Clay
    (O) 402.602.8275 | [email protected]
    Omaha, NE
    Home Chapter: Nebraska
    Tenure: 2020-2022
    Chapters: Central Oklahoma, Greater Twin Cities, Lake Superior, Lincoln, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tulsa
  • Bernadette Costello
    Bernadette Costello
    (O) 703.401.6852 | [email protected]
    Woodbridge, VA
    Home Chapter: Metro DC
    Tenure: 2019-2021
    Chapters: Buffalo Niagara, Capital Region, Central New York, Long Island, Mid New Jersey, New York City, Northern New Jersey, Rochester
  • Lisa Goodpaster
    Lisa Goodpaster
    (C) 217.649.6712 | [email protected]
    Champaign, IL
    Home Chapter: Heart of Central Illinois
    Tenure: 2019-2021
    Chapters: Chattanooga Area, Greater Richmond, Memphis, Nashville, Smoky Mountain, Southeastern Virginia, Valleys of Virginia
  • David Hofstetter.jpg
    David Hofstetter
    (W) 617.512.4141 | [email protected]
    Holliston, MA
    Home Chapter: Central Massachusetts
    Tenure: 2018-2020
    Chapters: Bay Colonies, Central Massachusetts, Greater Boston, Maine, Southern Connecticut, Vermont
  • Stephanie Hubka, CPTD
    Stephanie Hubka, CPTD
    (H) 202.253.9460 | [email protected]
    Gainesville, VA
    Home Chapter: Metro DC
    Tenure: 2020-2022
    Chapters: Central Iowa, Hawkeye, Kansas City, Mississippi Valley, St. Louis
  • Esther Jackson
    Esther Jackson
    (C) 313.949.2499 | [email protected]
    Troy, MI
    Home Chapter: Detroit
    Tenure: 2020-2022
    Chapters: Chicagoland, Heart of Central Illinois, Madison Area, Northeast Wisconsin, Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Jennifer Labrie Pereira
    Jennifer Labrie Pereira - CRC Chair
    (W) 402.952.1148 | [email protected]
    Omaha, NE
    Home Chapter: Nebraska
    Tenure: 2020
    Chapters: Eastern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
  • Laurie Lumston
    Laurie Lumston - ALC PAC Chair
    (H) 972.743.7358 | [email protected]
    Dallas, TX
    Home Chapter: Dallas
    Tenure: 2020
    Chapters: Central Pennsylvania, Greater Philadelphia
  • Bonnie Moore.jpg
    Bonnie Moore
    (C) 281.686.4760 | [email protected]
    Houston, TX
    Home Chapter: Houston
    Tenure: 2019-2021
    Chapters: Austin, Brazos Valley, Dallas, Fort Worth/Mid-Cities, Houston, San Antonio
  • Tiffany Prince.jpg
    Tiffany Prince
    (C) 312.919.5568 | [email protected]
    Chicago, IL
    Home Chapter: Chicagoland
    Tenure: 2018-2020
    Chapters: Golden Gate, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, SF East Bay
  • Laura Renaud.jpg
    Laura Renaud, CPTD
    (W) 480.684.4699 | [email protected]
    Queen Creek, AZ
    Home Chapter: Valley of the Sun
    Tenure: 2018-2020
    Chapters: Greater Las Vegas, New Mexico, Northern Rockies, Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain, Valley Of The Sun
  • Jennifer Rogers
    Jennifer Rogers, CPTD
    (O) 336.631.2945 | [email protected]
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Home Chapter: Piedmont
    Tenure: 2018-2020
    Chapters: Charlotte Area, Maryland, Metro DC, Piedmont, Research Triangle Area, South Carolina Midlands
  • Lorinda Schrammel
    Lorinda Schrammel
    [email protected]
    Stillwater, OK
    Home Chapter: Tulsa
    Tenure: 2019-2021
    Chapters: Central Ohio, Cuyahoga Valley, Greater Cincinnati, Greater Cleveland, Greater Toledo, West Virginia
  • Eileen Terrell
    Eileen Terrell, CPTD
    (H) 847.312.8297 | [email protected]
    Elk Grove Village, IL
    Home Chapter: Chicagoland
    Tenure: 2020-2022
    Chapters: Ann Arbor, Central Indiana, Detroit, Kentuckiana, West Michigan
  • Linda Warren.png
    Linda Warren, CPTD
    (H) 512.565.4255 | [email protected]
    Austin, TX
    Home Chapter: Austin
    Tenure: 2018-2020
    Chapters: Big Sky, Cascadia, Hawaii, Puget Sound, Treasure Valley, Utah