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Power Membership Resources

Power Membership offers members twice the support, twice the resources, and twice the networking than just one membership.

What is a Power Member?

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    What is a Power Member?

    When ATD members join both their local chapter and ATD, they choose to be change makers in their own backyard and knowledge leaders in the talent development profession. Joint membership offers learning professionals a unique opportunity to connect with local, national, and international professionals. Joint members can learn about trends in the field, and gain access to research, best practices, and templates they can apply directly to impacting organizational results, their community, and advancing their career.

Power Membership Rates

Power Membership Rates
Power Member Rates: Professional $249/Professional Plus $409
Chapter Board Member Rate: $199
Chapter leaders receive a complimentary upgrade to Professional Plus membership! All chapter board members must be members of ATD. If you'd like to sign up multiple chapter leaders for ATD membership in one process, you can use the chapter board team application.

Power Member Marketing Resources

The following resources have been designed to support ATD chapters in promoting Power Member membership. Chapters are strongly encouraged to download these resources to assist with marketing and branding efforts, and to educate potential, new, and current chapter members on the value of joint membership.

Power Member Marketing Resources:

  • Convince Your Boss Letter: In today's economy, every dollar an organization spends has to be justified. You know that Power Membership is worth the financial investment. Now let's convince your boss.
  • Customizable Power Membership Email: Use this to promote your chapter and ATD and help complete one of the foundational joint membership activities, "Send quarterly email to prospective members promoting Power Membership." Tailor the email to add information relevant to your chapter.
  • Power Member Ads: one-third page or one-half page
  • Power Member Chapter Presentation: Leverage the slide deck to review the value of Power Membership before, during, or after chapter programs.
  • ATD Staff Facilitated Power Membership Webinar Request: Fill out this form to request an ATD Staffer to present a webinar for your chapter that gives an overview of Power Member benefits and other resource information.
  • Power Membership Webpage for Wild Apricot: Use the HTML code to create the webpage and the job aid to help you facilitate the implementation process. Choose between the text options for your chapter and include your Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) code where instructed.

To request your chapter's current joint membership percentage, please contact your chapter relations manager.

Showcase the Value of Power Membership

Include a short video promoting the value of Power membership on your site, link to it in newsletters and email communications, or play the brief clip at chapter events. You can embed the video using this code. You can learn more about embedding videos on Wild Apricot here. A special thanks to Danielle Buscher, CPTD, Chris Coladonato, CPTD, Wendy Gates Corbett, CPTD, and Demetria Miles for their participation!

Power Membership Resources

The following supplemental resources are available to assist chapters with growing their chapter's joint membership.

Use the list of ATD members to to promote chapter membership, invite members to a chapter meeting or event, and ensure CARE achievement with the chapter-ATD joint membership requirement.

Access other chapters' successful membership practices through the Sharing Our Success (SOS) repository of resources.

Access resources for incorporating power membership information into communications and programming.

Offer Your Members A Sample of ATD Resources
Membership with the Association for Talent Development (ATD) includes access to the most essential talent development resources including hands-on tools, analysis, and cutting-edge insights. To support your chapter’s Power membership efforts and to connect interested prospects with a taste of the ATD experience, ATD chapter services created an online request form for prospects to request samples of ATD benefits that chapters can host on their websites.

ATD Membership Resources for Chapters

Use these resources throughout the month of March to promote the upcoming membership changes and Member Appreciation.
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ATD Membership Change Resources for Chapters
Member Appreciation Month Marketing Materials