Chapter Leader Community (CLC)
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Power Membership Resources

The following supplemental resources are available to assist chapters with growing their chapter's joint membership.
Use the list of ATD members to to promote chapter membership, invite members to a chapter meeting or event, and ensure CARE achievement with the chapter-ATD joint membership requirement.
ATD now has several ways to make processing ATD memberships easier for chapters. A job aid is available on how to collect and process joint membership payments as one bundle.
The National Advisors for Chapters (NAC) membership team put together a quick reference sheet to address membership engagement and top member issues/tips.
Reach out to and personally invite college students in your community to join your chapter by distributing student membership information at chapter events and campus career centers.
Access other chapters' successful membership practices through the Sharing Our Success (SOS) repository of resources.
1. Joint membership requirement reduced to 35% for individual chapters. 2. 50% joint membership goal to be measured in the aggregate (all chapters). 3. Joint membership activities added to requirements to help chapters plan for success.