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External Communication

Best practices on effectively communicating with chapter members and nonmembers

CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER: Off-the-Cuff Chapter Vlog on YouTube

SUMMARY: The chapter launched a weekly, “Off-the-Cuff” video blog (vlog) series with speakers to share a preview of upcoming events with chapter members, educate the broader audience of talent development professionals, and increase brand awareness in the local community. In addition to serving as a promotional piece, the videos are archived on the chapter’s website as a resource for chapter members. Since the launch of the vlog series, views on the chapter’s YouTube channel have increased by over 600 percent, and 2,500 people viewed the initial post on LinkedIn. Increased engagement with members and nonmembers has correlated with both member renewals and acquisitions.

YEAR: 2019

HOUSTON CHAPTER: Showing and Sharing it All!

SUMMARY: To increase the marketing of the Houston Chapter, volunteers from the chapter's Marketing and Communications team attend all meetings and events. These volunteers capture photos to use in postings via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram during the session, and also leverage these images for use in recaps on the chapter's website following the program. This effort increased the engagement of members and program attendees as well as increased the publicity of the chapter, ATD, and the talent development profession.

YEAR: 2015

SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN CHAPTER: Innovative eBlasts Inspire, Engage, and Inform

SUMMARY: In conjunction with the new ATD branding and style guide, the chapter created a unique and eye-catching eBlast format. As a result of the redesign, the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter has enjoyed open and click rates much higher than the national averages for eBlasts, and significant increases in event attendance, member engagement, and chapter interest.

YEAR: 2015

GREATER PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER: Make Your Chapter Newsletters Come Alive

SUMMARY: The chapter desired to create a more “personal touch” through its newsletter. By leveraging the power and scope of YouTube, the chapter president delivers a monthly address that grasps the attention of the chapter's audience, replicates the experience of speaking with him one-on-one, and fosters a warm and welcoming environment.

YEAR: 2014

CHICAGOLAND CHAPTER: Establishing a Video-based Body of Evidence of the Value of CCASTD Membership

SUMMARY: In an effort to highlight the chapter's motto of "Engage. Execute. Exceed.", the Chicagoland chapter leadership produced a series of videos to promote the value of membership. The videos highlighted a variety of participants, from longstanding members and first-time attendees to chapter presenters, to interview and articulate how their engagement with the chapter has benefited them. The chapter created a new and innovative promotional tool to encourage membership and generate excitement around the chapter's events.

YEAR: 2012

CENTRAL INDIANA CHAPTER: Utilizing Social Media to Engage with Members

SUMMARY: The chapter uses a number of free social media collaboration tools to engage with members and educate them on the value of social media in learning. The chapter uses HootSuite because it’s collaborative and allows a team of people to post news, updates, discussions, and event information on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

YEAR: 2010

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY CHAPTER: "Voice of Workplace Learning"

SUMMARY: The chapter was featured in the New Jersey Business Magazine's April 2010 issue. This article, part of the magazine's focus on workforce development that issue, underscored the critical role

YEAR: 2010

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