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Best practices on chapter membership bundles


SUMMARY: The chapter bundled its annual Learning Summit registration with the annual Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference. To attract more exposure from the human resources community, the chapter also signed up as a supplier for the SHRM Conference to target larger employers in the area and market chapter events as a means for employees to fine-tune their learning and development skills. The chapter increased its membership and formed strategic partnerships in the local community.

YEAR: 2018

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA CHAPTER: High Performance Learning Organizations

SUMMARY: This submission demonstrates how the Southwest Florida Chapter developed a monthly meeting to highlight the benefits of both national and local membership. Relying heavily on the 2011 State of the Industry Report, the chapter presented "Characteristics of High Performing Learning Organizations" and showcased typical workplace projects that would profit by using specific ASTD benefits.

YEAR: 2013


SUMMARY: This submission details how the San Antonio Chapter is promoting joint membership. The chapter has added marketing materials, a bundled membership package, etc.

YEAR: 2012

NEW MEXICO CHAPTER: Increase Chapter Membership and Annual Event Value

SUMMARY: In an effort to increase membership the New Mexico chapter bundled their annual membership offering into the registration fee for a major event. This helped the chapter increase chapter membership and the value perception of attending the annual event for non-members to make the most out of what may be the member’s single-point or first-point of contact.

YEAR: 2009

TWIN CITIES CHAPTER: Season Pass-Membership Retention

SUMMARY: The Twin Cities Chapter developed a season pass to offer members a discounted rate on the cost of attending monthly programs, a one-time payment option, and program registration ease. The chapter goal was to gain membership commitment, retention, and a value added opportunity for consistent monthly program attendees.

YEAR: 2005

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