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Best practice on creating a student scholarship fund

KANSAS CITY CHAPTER: 2020 Scholarship Program

SUMMARY: Due to a surplus in the chapter budget, the board approved a scholarship program during the 2020 strategic planning session. A committee of volunteers not on the board developed the program and created the scholarship eligibility criteria and application forms. The committee also reviewed the applications and selected the recipients. Scholarships included five Power Membership packages for Kansas City members, 10 Student Power Membership packages for Kansas City student members, five Kansas City Fall Conference registrations for Kansas City members, five Kansas City Fall Conference registrations for Kansas City student members, and one CPTD or APTD package for a Kansas City member. The chapter received eight applications and gave three Power Membership awards, three Kansas City fall conference registrations, and one APTD package scholarship. The scholarship program is a way for the chapter to help members who may not otherwise have access to these opportunities. The chapter plans to continue the program through partnerships and budgeting.

YEAR: 2020

NEBRASKA CHAPTER: Scholarship Fund

SUMMARY: The chapter turned the death of a valued board member into a positive, encouraging movement by forming the Julie Durmanskin Professional Education Scholarship. Designed to encourage members to continue to grow and develop their skills while removing financial barriers, the scholarship also provides the chapter's members, speakers, and supporters with a way to donate to the advancement of its members.

YEAR: 2014

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