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Best practices on chapter websites

NEW YORK CITY CHAPTER: Knowledge Center on Wild Apricot Website

SUMMARY: The Knowledge Center serves as the repository for recordings and documents from chapter events and is accessible to members only through the chapter’s website. For chapter events, webinars, and SIG events, the chapter posts the slide presentation, embeds any event recordings, and uploads other documents/handouts provided at the event. Through the repository, the chapter provides members access to content and allows them to access all programming benefits that come with chapter membership.

YEAR: 2018

CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER: Jobs Webpage Integration

SUMMARY: Prior to implementing this practice, the Central Florida Chapter was manually entering job positions creating inconsistencies and heavy maintenance on the site. The chapter implemented an automatic process that allotted space on their site to promote Indeed Job searches for job seekers in the Central Florida area, and generated referral payments once the searches are verified by As a result, four talent development searches have been integrated into one page, simplifying the process by which the chapter promotes local employer positions.

YEAR: 2015

SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER: Wild Apricot Transition

SUMMARY: The chapter transitioned their website provider to Wild Apricot in an effort to better control the feed of information to their members and to help them better track their membership.

YEAR: 2012


SUMMARY: The chapter’s website was virtually non-existent for several years and the chapter struggled increasing its presence within their community. In 2009 the chapter set website development as a main goal and focused on revitalizing their website the entire year. Their new website launched in the fourth quarter of 2009. The chapter now sees an increase in attendance at monthly meetings and increased knowledge of the chapter locally.

YEAR: 2010

CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER: Wild Apricot Changeover

SUMMARY: The chapter changed their website provider to Wild Apricot in an effort to better control the feed of information to their members and to help them better track their membership.

YEAR: 2009


SUMMARY: The Valley of the Sun chapter board worked together to collect information to properly populate their new website. The website development initiative was a huge success and now has better functionality and adds more value to chapter members.

YEAR: 2009

MIDLANDS CHAPTER: Website Creation

SUMMARY: The ASTD Carolinas Chapter split into two in 2005, and the newly formed Midlands (SC) Chapter identified a need for an up-to-date website. Chapter board members networked with contacts from within and outside the chapter, hired a company, and worked with the vendor to make the chapter website an effective communication tool for the chapter's membership.

YEAR: 2007


SUMMARY: The Baton Rouge Chapter successfully launched a new web portal to meet the needs of their membership.

YEAR: 2007


SUMMARY: Greater Atlanta’s SOS described the redesign of their chapter web site. The key to implementing Atlanta's website redesign was the process utilized to reach the desired outcome that the website is the first point-of-contact for members and visitors, and that making a great first impression continues to be their number one priority.

YEAR: 2006

BATON ROUGE CHAPTER: Favorite Icon for Website

SUMMARY: The Baton Rouge Chapter installed an icon on their website server so that when someone saves their website as a favorite or bookmark, the shortcut to your site has the chapter logo.

YEAR: 2004

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