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3 on the Pursuit to a Dream


Mon Oct 16 2017

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Nothing but the power of a dream can inspire three middle-aged men to walk the winding route to success.

Reda Abdelmonsef Mohy, Ahmed Ghattas, and Ahmed Abd Al-Wareth met in November 2016 to discuss the theme of their learning and development future. Each had already begun his self-development journey by pursuing the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential.


Preparation and Knowledge Exam

Reda was the bravest of them. He was enthusiastic enough to be the pioneer, taking the first step of CPLP certification by passing the Knowledge Exam. This result had a positive influence on Ghattas and Abd Al-Wareth, enabling them to begin the challenging but enjoyable journey.

They started their collaborative learning, first through WhatsApp, which was Ghattas’s idea. The app helped them engage in discussions and debates related to their CPLP study. They also had occasional conference calls to review challenging chapters and sections of the ATD Learning System.

Asking CPLP credential holders for their insights was a great tool as well. Reda, Ghattas, and Abd Al-Wareth held many discussions with them.

In time, they became more accustomed to the content of the ATD Learning System. Their comprehensive discussions enriched their understanding of the different areas of expertise, especially the ones that represent the backbone of the training toolkit.


Skills Application Exam

The quote, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for,” reflects the great turbulence that occurred during this portion of their journey. Reda failed the Skills Application Exam (SAE) the first time, but Ghattas and Abd Al-Wareth were there for him; they supported him during his second SAE attempt. In turn, Reda helped guide his partners through their first SAE.

No one can deny that the way to CPLP is tough, and that is why teamwork is great for earning the credential. When a member of the team was feeling reluctance or hesitation, the other two gave him genuine support, guaranteeing the group’s perseverance.


By April 2017, Reda and Ghattas had become CPLP credentials holders; Abd Al-Wareth joined them in August. The three are residents in three different cities in Saudi Arabia, so they leverage online collaborative learning help one another apply what they have learned through CPLP study.


Reda, Ghattas, and Abd Al-Wareth learned many valuable lessons on their journey: Without setting a clear SMART goal, nothing can be achieved. Teamwork is an authentic source of motivation and inspiration. And learning and development is a lifelong pursuit.

Learn more about the CPLP Certification.

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