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3 Simple Ways To Become A Great Leader


Wed Dec 11 2013


\[From www.BrianTracy.com\]—Leaders are made, not born. They create and develop their leadership qualities by becoming men and women with core values of fine character, and integrity.

Your greatest personal asset is the way that you are known to others through both, your personal and business ethics.  It is your personal reputation for keeping your word and fulfilling your commitments.  Your core values, business ethics and leadership qualities precede you and affect all of your interactions with other people.


Developing Integrity In Your Leadership Qualities

A key to developing integrity and character in yourself is to study people of great character.  Study the core values and leadership qualities of people like George Washington, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. Study the people whose core values and business ethics have enabled them to change their world.

Select someone that you admire for their leadership qualities of business ethics, tenacity, honesty, or wisdom. Ask yourself, “What would Warren Buffett do in my situation?” or, “What would Abraham Lincoln do if he were here at this time?”  You will find yourself receiving guidance that enables you to be the very best person that you can possibly be.

There are three areas of your life where acting with integrity is crucial to improve your leadership qualities. These are the three areas of greatest temptation of forsaking your integrity, as well as the greatest opportunity for building your integrity within your business ethics and core values.

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