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3 Steps to Refreshing Your New Manager Training Programs


Mon Nov 17 2014

3 Steps to Refreshing Your New Manager Training Programs

When exploring the need to develop or refresh your training programs for new managers, consider the following three-step process:

  • Specify learning outcomes. What do you want new managers to know or do to be successful?

  • Determine content and methods. What are you going to create to support the development of new managers?

  • Achieve results. What results do you expect from the new manager training program?

When specifying learning outcomes, asking questions allows you to determine what new managers need to know and do to meet the needs of the organization. Questions to ask include:

  • What behaviors do excellent managers exhibit?

  • What challenges do new managers experience?

  • What skills do new managers need to develop to address the challenges?

  • What business goals prompted the request for new manager training?

  • What measurable outcomes do you expect from new managers?

  • What is the current situation in your organization as it relates to human resource data, job analysis results, and organizational metrics?

  • What are the learning needs of new managers, according to stakeholders?

  • What are the issues your new managers face that training will not resolve?

  • What are the business drivers—such as the financial impact, and its effect on customers, operations, and employees?

Once you have answers to confirm the desired learning outcomes, you need to determine how you will develop new managers. Questions to ask include:

  • Which instructional methods will be well received by your organization?

  • What are the applicable categories of learning objectives—knowledge, skills, or attitude?

  • How do the instructional methods match with knowledge, skills, and attitude?

  • Which instructional methods support the skills that new managers need to develop?

  • What training approaches will you consider for new managers:

    • individual or group training

    • face-to-face or distance learning

    • asynchronous or synchronous learning

    • ovendor or in-house developed training

    • formal or informal training

    • a blended approach combining different training methods?

  • What instructional best practices will you apply to your new manager training program?

  • How will you document your new manager training plans? 

Be sure to solidify the training plan and ensure that you experience the desired results from the training program. Questions to ask include:

  • What are the success factors for coaching?

  • What styles of coaching will work for your new managers?

  • What are the guidelines for effective coaching?

  • What are the strategies for giving valuable feedback?

  • What methods will your new managers use to motivate employees?

  • How will you help new managers avoid making mistakes when motivating employees?

  • How will you include ongoing support for new managers in your training programs?

  • What will you do to ensure a successful rollout of your new manager training program?

  • What is the value proposition for your new manager training program?

  • How will you measure the effectiveness of your new manager training program?

To learn more about creating training programs, as well as providing ongoing support for new managers, rolling out the training program, and evaluating the success of the training program, join me for the upcoming Creating New Managers Training Programs Certificate program beginning December 1, 2014, in New York, New York.

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