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3 Strategies for Launching New Managers Who Drive Results


Tue Dec 08 2015

3 Strategies for Launching New Managers Who Drive Results-e65a94cdc825696a3adce9ccbe5563794424f5b73409a198727ad70ed19a5374

Your frontline managers are the key to employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and a healthy organizational culture. It’s an important role; one that most people are unprepared to fill.

What about your company? Are your new managers driving the necessary results?


Prepare your new managers for the demands of your industry with ATD’s Creating New Manager Training Programs Certificate. The program offers three proven strategies for helping new managers achieve business goals.

#1: New manager training must align with business drivers.

Training needs to focus on key business drivers such as financial strength, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. This certificate program offers a simple method to pinpoint the important drivers for your organization, and align your new manager training with them. 

#2: New manager training must help new managers identify and overcome challenges.

Whether they are promoted within the organization or hired externally, new managers will face challenges they haven’t encountered before. Without the skills to meet those challenges, they will work ineffectively at best. This certificate program presents the most common challenges faced by new managers, and guides you in developing a program that will prepare your new managers to overcome them.


#3: New manager training must support the application of new skills in the workplace.

Training programs are ultimately useless if they do not promote on-the-job application. New managers not only need to build skills; they also need to understand how to put those skills to work in the real world. This certificate program provides tried-and-true approaches to ensure your new leaders not only know what to do, but also apply their learning.

Does your current manager training program meet these three criteria? For a step-by-step methodology, complete with tools and solutions, register for the Creating New Manager Training Programs Certificate.

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