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3Q Training Unlocks Full Human Potential


Wed Feb 22 2017

3Q Training Unlocks Full Human Potential
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What if you could train your brain to improve your performance and increase your fulfilment? What if your attempts to improve yourself could be self-defeating because you didn’t understand your own operating system? What if there was a map of your operating system that you could use to navigate the jungle of your mind’s impulses and call on your best resources in any moment?


Neuroscience Can Activate a Higher Dimension of Intelligence

At the beginning of the scientific study of intelligence in the early 20th century, the definition of intelligence was restricted to intellectual intelligence (IQ). This narrow definition of intelligence prevailed until the mid-1980s, when emotional intelligence (EQ) was identified as another dimension of intelligence of equal, or even greater, importance. Recent advances in psychology and neuroscience identified spiritual intelligence (SQ) as a further dimension of intelligence.  

What Is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spiritual intelligence is an innate dimension of intelligence to which everyone has access. Spiritual intelligence is not religious; it depends not on belief but on direct personal experience. As the intelligence of the true self—beyond the ego—spiritual intelligence has many benefits that exceed the scope of intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. For instance, freedom from ego grants wisdom and clarity of vision, combined with more empathy and compassion, which increases creativity and intuition. The result is greater personal fulfilment and better performance on important life skills and work skills. Spiritual intelligence, therefore, represents the most powerful resource for personal and professional growth and fulfilment. 

Understanding the Basic Operating System of Human Awareness

The twin poles of attention represent the basic operating system of human awareness. The ego is at the object-pole; the true self, soul, or consciousness itself is at the subject-pole (see Figure 1). Shifting from the object-pole to the subject-pole creates a corresponding shift form ego to soul, which activates spiritual intelligence. Without understanding our operating system, we can mistakenly waste time trying to make changes at the object-pole, when the key to transformation is to shift to the subject-pole, and thus benefit from the inherent wisdom and advanced capabilities of a higher dimension of intelligence.

Figure 1: The Twin Poles of Attention

3Q Methodology Can Help You Realize Your Full Potential

The SQ portal is a three-step process that shifts identification from ego to soul (from being the body and mind to being consciousness itself). This process activates spiritual intelligence.

Figure 2: Three Step Process of SQ Portal

3Q training combines three principal dimensions of intelligence, which together represent the three Qs. The SQ paradigm is based on a synthesis of findings from related fields of scientific research, including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, and neuroscience. These findings represent the scientific foundations of spiritual intelligence, as summarized in the article, “The Psychology of Spiritual Intelligence."


Here’s how it works: The three Qs activate the whole brain, unlike IQ or EQ on their own, which are part-brain functions. By training the whole brain, 3Q training unlocks full human capabilities and high performance skills. For example:

  • Be Who You Really Are to Perform at Your Full Potential. Being who you really are means transcending the ego (the false self) and being your true self (consciousness itself). The SQ portal achieves this shift in three quick steps. Being your true self activates spiritual intelligence, which enables you to perform at your full potential. And performing at your full potential means thinking at full potential, feeling at full potential, intuiting at full potential, and acting at full potential. These results follow effortlessly and spontaneously from being who you really are.

  • Find Deeper Meaning and Purpose. Spiritual intelligence connects us to our own source of meaning, purpose, and ethics, and motivates us to cooperate with others for the greater good. Collective spiritual intelligence is, therefore, the foundation of high-performing organizations.

No doubt, 3Q is the next step up in human performance improvement. To be successful in the 21st century, organizations need to create a values-led culture, which focuses on benefits for all stake-holders, and in particular employees and customers. 3Q training activates whole brain intelligence, our most valuable asset, to create a vision-guided and values-led culture, based not on what members do, or on how they do it, but on who they are.

Want to learn more? Join me March 24 for the webcast The Psychology of 3Q High Performance Methodology.

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