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A Business Case Built to Last: The GREAT Pyramid of Training


Thu Mar 04 2010


Building a Business Case: Your Final Answer.

Building a business case is a sales competency of the ASTD World Class Sales Competency Model. Designing a business case can be a useful management tool that is pivotal to an organization's success. It is used in supporting the overall planning and decision making for both operational and financial decision making that surrounds company products, services and solutions.


Build Cross Functional Learning Systems

As a Sales Trainer and Sales Learning Professional , developing a firm understanding of business operations and cross functional relationships will help you collaborate with others who work with you.A Sales Trainer can teach many things to the sales team to help build sales competencies.

  • Design a sales learning system that identifies a business need, threat, opportunity or problem

  • Discuss alternative solutions to a problem and why they do not work.

  • Prompt questions that can lead to information that uncovers reasons to buy.

  • Gives sales forecasting statistics and reporting structure.

  • Complete a risk analysis (organizational, financial or technical).

  • Quantify benefits and costs or ROI analysis.

  • Estimate budget requirements that decision makers can understand in proposals.

  • Shows expected profit and/or cash flow consequences.

  • Design sales project management schedules and delivery fulfillment deadlines.

  • Position the case with your customer to direct a transfer of ownership.

Show Proven and Tested Methodologies

Learn to teach proven approaches and closing techniques that establish the business value of your proposal with credibility and impact. Sales Trainers can design practical training modules in business case selling. Use a business case to help decision makers follow a predetermined process or format to cover all factors being considered. This would include showing complex data that proves your case and helps justify the decision to close even when there may be several decision makers involved to review the case.

A strong business case can also be used as a performance management tool to identify sales and strategic opportunities, and manage best practices. It can turn sales data into action oriented intelligence to drive engagement, measurement, and accountability to drive business value.


Sales Leaders can help the team set goals and measure progress more accurately. The Sales Team can collaborate more effectively by following the process mapping which will improve their ability to compete. Using sales training methods and key performance indicators that follow the ASTD Sales Training Competency Model framework, you will be able to provide ways to help Sales Leaders to gain insight make better decisions and take more effective action using real time Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to better track and manage the sales process - getting to the root cause of a particular sales issue.

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