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Africa Online Job Fair 2010 Launched with Focus in Health, Finance, Infrastructure, and Technology


Tue Mar 30 2010


(From PRWEB) -- Zebrajobs.com is launching the second Africa Online Job Fair (AOJF) on June 2, 2010, which will run through July 1, 2010. This year's AOJF is organized under the theme, "Empowering Africa: Health, Finance, Infrastructure, and Technology." AOJF 2010 is a remarkable online environment connecting companies and organizations working in these sectors to a global talent pool.

This year's AOJF follows the first fair, which launched during the U.S.-Africa Business Summit on September 30, 2009, and continued through December 30, 2009. The fair was organized in collaboration with the Corporate Council on Africa, with IBM as the lead sponsor. AOJF 2009 was a success, with more than 1,300 active job seekers who logged into the online job fair campus on the day of the launch to connect with over 100 representatives from the 18 exhibiting companies. Following the launch, over 9,500 job seekers from around the world registered to access the job fair online campus.


With the launch of AOJF 2010, Zebrajobs.com seeks to attract U.S, European, and African corporations doing business in Africa; development organizations; the donor community; multinational organizations; international organizations; local private organizations; and government institutions engaged in the health, finance, infrastructure, and technology sectors. AOJF participants can showcase their companies and organizations through an online job fair exhibition, where they can give presentations, share documents, promote their organizations and employment opportunities in Africa, and interact with potential candidates globally. AOJF 2010 is an efficient and effective way to generate more demand at a better cost per lead while recruiting for open positions in Africa.

Read the full release.

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