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Are your Sales Goals "Unachievable"?


Thu May 06 2010


What do your Sales Reps Think?

According to an article on a Bloomberg BusinessWeek blog, posted 5April 10 by Josh Setzer, He comments on the advice of a Coach he interviewed entitled: "Run Your Stars Hard". After asking several sales people in a survey about meeting expectations, 73% of reps believe that their sales goals are unachievable. WHY?

Sales organizations do ask a lot from their sales representatives, particularly in an economic slump, and as Sales Managers continue to push them to drive performance harder, burnout is a risk - which leads to gross under-performance.Where is the positive psychological SALES MANAGEMENT BALANCE in this? From a Sales Training perspective, it sounds severe. There are logical arguments for slowly growing the behavior of your team members through practice and patience. But, there is an ROI to worry about when you are investing in your sales performers.


Is it FAIR to push your Sales Reps and set them up to think they have unrealistic goals?

Should high expectations after training be enforced (or else)?


Should training be based on individual Human Performance assessments to build each team member?



Should the company tell the Sales team member that their performance is being monitored against business ROI?

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We will discuss it!

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