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Article: Flexibility more important to Irish recruits


Tue Mar 17 2009


From IrishTimes.com: MANAGING THROUGH THE RECESSION: A recent survey shows that Irish graduates place a higher importance on workplace flexibility than their international peers, writes CAROLINE MADDEN. IRISH GRADUATES expect to be deskbound for their working lives, clocking in from nine to five, but what they most desire is flexibility. A global survey Millennials at Work: Perspectives of a New Generation recently published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) interviewed over 4,000 graduates from 44 countries in September 2008 about their work expectations. At the time the full consequences of the economic downturn were still not clear. However, while job security must rank at the top of any short-term agenda, it's interesting that in the longer term there are some disparities between Irish and international recruits in their attitude towards employment benefits. (Read the entire article.)

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