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Articulating Value - Trust, Integrity, Commitment and Love in Business.


Wed Mar 24 2010


How to WIN the game every time.

Articulating Value is an extremely rewarding sales competency skill to have in your sales toolbox, but delivering a sales training program on articulating "value" to a potential client will be a wild ride of self-discovery all it's own!


You have Amazing Power when you "articulate" words - whether they are verbal or written. Words can create or destroy. Your business life and relationship opportunities depend on it. So, be careful what you say and do in business and when you engage with others who are looking at your products and services. You are articulating and affirming that you will DELIVER what the customer needs.

According to the "World Class Sales Competency Model" built on the "World Class Sales Competency Research, "articulating value links solutions to the challenges when solving opportunities and confirms it with the stakeholders." It ensures that the criteria for the decision making are shared and addressed." The word "stakeholder" usually refers to someone that has a "stake" in the financial business transaction or will be impacted by it in terms of time, effort, or money.

But what do these stakeholders really care about? Most people will say...the MONEY!

In actuality, the money comes later. What really matters is HOW you service stakeholders and HOW you treat them during and after the business transaction. This is where the profit is proven. You can add all the value you want in your "solution" on the paper but the contract will NOT show the physical value in the delivery of your product until after they buy.This is where ROI meets FACTS, TRUST, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT and LOVE.



What does that have to do with business?What does that have to do with articulating value in a business transaction?

EVERYTHING! There are scores of business psychology case studies for "loving your customers / clients" and the outstanding results. At the bottom line, articulating value always becomes a cornerstone.

Articulating the value in anything you do for someone or something is a life enhancing human development process. This wonderful affirmation reinforces to all the stakeholders why you are so valuable and why they should buy from you. Your ability to love yourself, love others and what you say regardless of the business outcome is priceless.

Your Attitude is physically manifested by your thoughts, words and actions. Articulating Value is an Action. Love is an Action. Delivering training for performance is an Action. Your responsibility to control a "cause and effect" in a business transaction is an Action. Do you see the connection here?The by-product of a selfless but loving "attitude" is the key reason for success in selling! WOW!

This also translates tolong term CUSTOMERS, REPEAT REVENUE and REFERRALS!


If you love your business, and love your sales job, then you should love the people you sell to.

This is truly the most important part of articulating the value proposition process, regardless of whether they agree to the terms of what you are selling or not.

The Value of Delivery and Fulfillment

Help your decision maker prospects understand not only the technical and hard data logistics, but a complete emotional understanding of your solutions. Evaluate the productivity of performance against business results. Signing contracts, exchanging money for goods and services and fulfilling the agreement of service is done with buy-in. Buy-in on a signature confirms that your articulation was well received and that your fulfillment is expected.

Are We Done Yet?

Not yet! Just because you signed a contract, and took money from someone in exchange for your goods or service - does NOT mean you are done with articulating your value to these people!

What about all the people involved in the execution of the project AFTER the agreements are approved? That could be anyone from the Receptionist all the way to the CEO! Your buyer has relationships with other people in the organization. You will be called upon if there is any problem, misunderstanding or customer service in the future! Be proud of yourself!

THEY CHOSE YOU for your Trust, Integrity, Commitment and Love.

What great way to "articulate your value".

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