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Ask a Trainer Video: Using AR and VR in Learning


Tue Sep 28 2021

Ask a Trainer Video: Using AR and VR in Learning

It’s overwhelming to think about how much technology has changed the learning industry over the last 10 years. As technology continues to advance, we keep finding new and exciting ways to incorporate it into the learning experiences we create. This is especially true for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). But how do you get started with AR and VR?

For this month’s Ask a Trainer episode, I invited Betty Dannewitz and Destery Hildenbrand to join me to help tackle your questions about using AR and VR in learning. Enjoy!


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What other tips do you have about using AR and VR in learning? Share them by commenting below!

Do you have learning questions you’d like me to tackle? Email them to [email protected]. Also, make sure to visit the Ask a Trainer Hub to check out your questions and my answers!

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