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ASTD Image of the Day: We've Come a Long Way! Circa 1948


Fri Oct 21 2011


Today's image comes from the January-February 1948 issue of The Journal of Industrial Training. This is one panel of the 27 sections of the Federal Training Officers' Conference exhibit of materials held recently in Washington. Shown, from left to right, are the displays prepared by the Department of Agriculture, the Justice Department's Bureau of Prisons, and the Johnson and Johnson Company.

Twenty-seven of 80 government agencies submitted materials for this exhibit. The goal of the exhibit was to increase interest in workplace training among government officials and to bring together those individuals in government whose particular concern lies in the field of training.


Technology has changed the look and dynamics of today's exhibits. What would your exhibit for your organization look like in 1948? What information would you include about your training program?

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