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ATD and Relias Learning to Host Webcast on New Healthcare Training Research


Wed Mar 02 2016

ATD and Relias Learning to Host Webcast on New Healthcare Training Research

ATD and Relias Learning, the leader in online training and compliance solutions for the healthcare market, recently partnered to conduct research that will provide a comprehensive snapshot of training activities, efficiencies, and expenditures across healthcare. Staff development and training professionals in healthcare must deliver training in an industry faced with talent shortages, high turnover, and changing regulatory requirements. The research provides key benchmarking data that will aid these professionals in making informed, businesswise decisions about their organizations’ training offerings.

The primary findings from this research will be presented in a webcast hosted by ATD and Relias Learning on March 31 at 1 p.m. ET. The webcast will be free to everyone. To attend the webcast, register online. The full findings will also be available in a report, The State of Healthcare Training, which will be released at the end of March 2016.


To obtain a full view of the healthcare industry, ATD and Relias Learning surveyed a broad range of facilities. The staff development and training function at a large acute care hospital may have different priorities, budgetary concerns, and responsibilities than one for a small, community-based outpatient clinic. The research provides benchmarks for not only the healthcare industry, but also the subgroups of acute care hospitals and nonacute facilities.

Of the 123 facilities that ATD and Relias Learning surveyed, 30 focused primarily on providing acute care hospital services. These hospitals are equipped with the personnel, technology, and infrastructure to diagnose and deliver treatment for a wide variety of severe illnesses and injuries. Of the remaining 93 facilities that provided other services, one-third primarily focused on outpatient behavioral healthcare (including care for mental health and substance abuse), and nearly one-fifth were skilled nursing facilities.

Within the healthcare industry, The State of Healthcare Training reveals sharp differences in staff development and training spending across organization types. The average acute care hospital spent close to $1,000 per employee on training in 2014, and the average nonacute facility spent less than $700.

The research also uncovered the subject areas that are most heavily represented in the portfolio of training offerings. For both clinical employees and nonclinical employees at all facilities, mandatory and compliance training was the most dominant content area, making up about a quarter of the overall portfolio of offerings, on average. New employee orientations ranked second for both the clinical and nonclinical group. Given the rapid growth and high turnover in healthcare professions, this is not surprising.

The webcast and report will also discuss the use of various training delivery methods (including technology-based methods and blended methods that combine technology with the traditional live instructor-led classroom), as well as the challenges today’s healthcare training professionals face.


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