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ATD Publishes Its First Bilingual Research on Talent Development in Mexico


Wed Nov 25 2015

ATD Publishes Its First Bilingual Research on Talent Development in Mexico

ATD Research and ATD International have completed their first study on talent development in Mexico. The results are available in a bilingual report, which will allow organizations in Mexico to benchmark their talent development activities and programs against those of their peers. It will also allow multinational organizations to evaluate their learning offerings in Mexico, an important step in an increasingly globalized economy.

In April 2015, ATD conducted a survey of 49 talent development professionals in Mexico. ATD assessed the talent development outlooks, resources, and practices in Mexico, gathering data on key metrics related to talent development staffing and budgets, as well as formal learning hours, content, and delivery. The top industries that participating organizations operated in were education, other services, manufacturing, and finance and insurance, and participants represented a wide range of workforce sizes.


The report found that among organizations in Mexico, the average number of annual learning hours per employee was 35.7, in line with the rest of the world. For comparison, the average number across all organizations worldwide was 34.4, according to the ATD research report Global Trends in Talent Development.

The traditional live instructor-led classroom is still the dominant delivery method in Mexico. For the average organization, 68 percent of learning hours are delivered in this setting. The remaining hours are delivered using technology-based methods or a blended approach that combines technology with the traditional live classroom. Global Trends in Talent Development found that worldwide, between 50 and 55 percent of learning hours are delivered in the traditional live classroom.

The full bilingual report is available for purchase as a PDF for only $19.99. The PDF includes both the English and Spanish versions of the report and all graphs.

ATD gratefully acknowledges Margarita Lozano, ATD’s Member Network Mexico advocate, who translated the survey into Spanish, and Elsa García, ATD’s Member Network Mexico adviser, who translated the report into Spanish.

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