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ATD Releases New Snapshot of Talent Development in India


Mon Dec 28 2015

ATD Releases New Snapshot of Talent Development in India

ATD Research has completed its first study examining talent development in India. The report, India: Talent Development Snapshot, 2015, will allow organizations in India to benchmark their talent development activities to better understand how they compare with their peers.

In April 2015, ATD conducted a survey of 132 talent development professionals in India. Each participant represents a single organization that operates primarily or entirely in India. The survey gathered key information related to talent development, including outlooks, practices, and staffing. The report looks at different organizational sizes based on each organization’s total number of employees.


The report found that professionals in India have a strong desire to link learning to performance, a key finding that resonates with talent development professionals worldwide. The challenge, however, is building a culture that enhances and supports development initiatives.

At the average Indian organization, an employee receives 37.1 learning hours per year, which is fairly consistent with the rest of the world. For instance, at the average Asia-Pacific organization an employee receives 35.9 learning hours per year, and in North America, the average employee receives 33.3 learning hours per year. 

In India, the number of talent development staff depends on organizational size. For example, the median number of talent development staff for a medium-sized organization (an organization with 500 to 9,999 employees) is five. 

This detailed report presents additional averages, median, and aggregate data useful for understanding the state of talent development on an organizational level in India. The full report is available to purchase for only $19.99.

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