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ATD Research: 2015 Preview


Fri Feb 27 2015

ATD Research: 2015 Preview

To close ATD Research Week 2015, we are providing a preview of some of the research reports ATD will publish in the coming year. Many of these projects have already kicked off! Here are just some of the topics we will be investigating in 2015: 

Instructional Design: The field of instructional design incorporates a rapidly-growing and changing array of learning strategies, tools, and approaches into training experiences that appeal to the today’s workers while meeting their complex learning needs. ATD Research will collaborate with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) to provide a current snapshot of instructional design in organizations, as well as explore the most pressing challenges faced by instructional designers. 


Aligning Learning and Business Goals: If the organization is to successfully act on its business strategy and meet its goals, it must have a learning strategy that is closely aligned with the business strategy. How does the head of learning ensure alignment, particularly given the complexity and change that characterize the business world? ATD Research will explore this question, including conducting interviews with heads of learning from leading Fortune 500 organizations. 

Mobile Learning: ATD Research and i4cp will to determine the extent to which organizations are leveraging mobile learning and what mobile learning is being used for. This research will also explore some of the barriers preventing organizations from fully realizing the potential of mobile learning, and look at where mobile learning is headed in the future. 

Global Trends in Training: Together with ATD International, ATD Research will gather and share with the talent development community valuable information on current learning practices and trends from a truly global perspective. Some of the areas covered will be learning trends and challenges, learning staff and resources, learning hours, content and delivery methods, and spending on learning. 

The Chief Talent Development Officer: ATD Research will take a close look at the relatively new role of the Chief Talent Development Officer (CTDO) and how talent development is defined and applied in leading organizations with a CTDO. 

Learners of the Future: ATD Research and i4cp will collaborate to investigate how organizations are training an increasingly diverse workforce. How are learning functions using varying delivery methods and leveraging technologies to reach different segments of this workforce effectively? 


Leaders as Teachers: How can learning draw on their experienced executives to develop the leaders of tomorrow? ATD Research, in collaboration with i4cp, will take a look at the extent to which organizations employ current leaders as teachers, and how organizations can ensure that leaders as teachers programs are effective. 

In addition, ATD Research will continue to publish the Learning Executive Confidence Index (LXCI) quarterly, and the State of the Industry Report (SOIR) in November. 

For ATD’s 2014 research reports, visit us online at www.td.org/research****, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter at @atdresearch for the latest updates!

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