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ATD Strengthens Its Presence in Colombia


Mon Jul 22 2019

ATD Strengthens Its Presence in Colombia

ATD’s International Conference and Exposition is always a significant experience for talent development professionals, especially for those who attend from abroad. It’s the event of the year, with everything one could possibly wish for in a single place.

Unfortunately, many companies strictly limit international business travel, and some people are a bit daunted by such a large conference presented in another language.


Conversations among the ATD Global team and several Latin American delegation leaders at the 2019 conference led the organization to strengthen its presence in Latin America by reaching out to talent development professionals in Spanish, their native language.

One such initiative is ATD’s virtual presence in Bogotá, Colombia, will launch on July 25, 2019. Gabriela Ammatuna, a global content and regional manager, will present highlights from ATD’s recent research report Organizational Performance Improvement Methods and Skills to Drive Business Success.

The presentation will be part of a rollout of a new learning community in Bogotá for organizational learning and development executives, sponsored and managed by PyB and Formactiva. The community’s first chapter, sponsored by Formactiva, was founded in Medellín more than two years ago. It has more than 200 active members employed by important national and international companies based there. Due to the community’s excellent experience in its home city of Medellín, PyB joined Formactiva to duplicate the experience in Bogotá.

This learning community is a collaborative effort that offers face-to-face events and virtual activities to keep its members on the cutting edge of the L&D profession. In addition to receiving the latest high-quality information, members can use the community to seek advice and exchange best practices with colleagues, receive special discounts and benefits, and consult the job bank.

In addition to the virtual presence of ATD, the community rollout on July 25 will also feature a presentation by PyB, “Making Learning and Performance Part of Your Organization’s Strategy,” as well as a hands-on activity, “Navigating Change,” led by Formactiva. Attendees will learn more about the community and discover how to use its many characteristics for their professional growth.


The PYB Formactiva Learning Community welcomes ATD to the rollout.

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